Multicultural Center Leadership Programs

Sylvania Campus, CC202 | Coordinator: Amara PĂ©rez | 971-722-4112 |

The Social Justice Student Leadership Program and the Men of Color Leadership Program are two central projects of the PCC SYL Multicultural Center. These yearlong programs are designed to support the recruitment, retention, and holistic success of students of color. Both programs are based on a social justice framework, guided by critical theory, and designed to develop academic, leadership, professional, critical thinking, and social change skills of diverse student populations.

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The Social Justice Student Leadership Program

This program trains and supports students as Peer Tutors and Student Coordinators. Through on-going skill building trainings, collective planning and reflection, student led efforts serve as a vehicle for leadership development while simultaneously working to create a more welcoming campus climate and promote education equity at PCC.

Peer Tutors and Student Coordinators take the lead in operating the center as well as providing one-on-one tutoring in general math and science courses. MC Student Leaders coordinate various events like performances, film series, discussion groups, lectures, workshops and the annual Winter Pow Wow to further the MC goals. In addition, they work to provide referrals to campus and community resources such as scholarships, counseling, financial aid, job placement, and internships.

Application for the Student Leadership Program, 2014-2015

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The Men of Color Leadership Program

This program is designed to increase the recruitment, retention, and completion rates of men of color enrolled at PCC Sylvania. This innovative leadership program creates an atmosphere of unity and community; promotes academic excellence; supports career exploration and goal setting; and engages participants in social justice education.

Students in the Men Of Color Leadership Program earn 6 college transferable tuition free credits in Counseling and Guidance (CG) including: CG 100 College Survival and Success, CG 140 Career and Life Planning and CG 191 Exploring Identity & Diversity. Classes support knowledge and skill building around various topics including: a) academic success, b) demystifying and navigating college demands and expectations, and c) exploring identity, race, gender, culture, society, individual transformation, and social change.

Individualized academic advising and student support services include career and transfer planning, peer tutoring, counseling, and campus referrals and resources. Students are provided with opportunities to engage in service learning and community internships, participate in college tours, and community field trips.

Application for the Men of Color Leadership Program 2013-2014