THRIVE Mentors

Bianca Pino-Singer
Associates of Arts: Medicine,
2nd Year
This is my second year at PCC and first year as a THRIVE mentor. I'm a fun-loving person who wants to help people and be there for them. I enjoy learning about different cultures and their languages, which is a good thing because PCC is a very diverse community. My favorite thing to do is play music; I play guitar, flute and I hope to learn piano in the future. My hope is that this program will help to create positive experiences for students, whether it's in academics or extracurricular activities.
Fernando A. Alvarado
Associates of Science: Business,
2nd Year
I'm a fulltime student here at PCC getting my Associates Degree in Applied Science with a major in Business Administration. I am of Spanish decent; half Colombian and half El Salvadorian. I love sports (especially football). My passion is music and back 2010 I founded my own entertainment company. My decision to be a proud mentor in T.H.R.I.V.E comes from my willingness to succeed. I'm also driven by an urge to give back to my community and help those who want to better their future.
Mayra Castillo
Associates of Arts: Education,
2nd Year
I'm the first one in my family attending college. I love to play soccer and meeting new people. I'm really outgoing and love to help others. I'm the oldest sister in five siblings. I'm always positive and love to encourage people to finish their education and have a career. By Summer of 2013 I'll hopefully be transferring to Western Oregon University.
Emily Rose Vincent
Associates of Arts: Health, 2nd Year
This is my first year with THRIVE and I am grateful for the opportunity to help other students through their first year of college. I am interested in pursuing a career in health, and I appreciate the simple yet strikingly complex joys of nature. When I am not working on academic subjects, I like to satisfy my need for creativity through cooking, art, and dance.
Axkana Rios
Associates of Science, 2nd Year
I was born in Teloloapan Guerrero, Mexico in late 1992. I'm currently a second year student at PCC looking to transfer to a four year university. There, I will pursue my Ph. D. I don't know what field yet but I'm sure I won't leave school until I earn one. On a personal note I enjoy meeting new people and learning about different cultures, (especially trying their home cooked foods). When I'm not busy being active with a sport I like to sit back in my rocking chair and yell at kids to stay off my lawn.
Huitzilli Rios
AAOT: Geography Information Systems, 4th Year
Hola, my name is Huitzilli Rios, but can call me Huitzi (weet-zee). I grew up in Mexico and Southern California so I love being outdoors, and soaking up the sun. My hobbies include; playing soccer, traveling to different places, and spending time with my partner. My goal is to become an educator in the future in order to be able to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve a higher education, and THRIVE sounds like a perfect way to start this goal.
Nancy Sandoval
Associates of Arts: Education,
2nd Year
This is my second year attending PCC, and it's been a rewarding experience. I am a first generation college student and I really enjoy the learning environment and the opportunities it gives me to help others on their path to education. I like to socialize, dance and go camping with friends and family. I enjoy reading books and playing with my dogs. I'm in THRIVE because I know I can make a difference. I want to look back and see that I did indeed make a difference in someone's life. Helping others is what I do best.
Cathie Sorenson
Associates of Science: General Studies, 3rd Year
I'm from Hillsboro, OR. I like to learn about different cultures and languages. I really take to the Spanish language, it's my passion. I chose to be a mentor and participate in the THRIVE program because it's a great opportunity for the mentee and mentor; greatly benefiting both!
Diana Sandoval
Associates of Arts: Technology Transfer
I am a first generation college student. I enjoy technology, helping others, and doing makeup. I have an associate's degree in computer information systems and thought I wanted to major in computer science. I later realized writing code wasn't something I was passionate about. I am now seeking to major in business administration and transfer to Portland State University. As a first generation college graduate I know it can get difficult sometimes. We all have our struggles, but I believe we all must have hope. I want to be able to offer that hope.