THRIVE: To Help Retain Instruct & Visualize Excellence

Rock Creek Bldg. 7, Rm. 118 | 971-722-7435 | | Assistant Coordinator: Luke Givens | Academic Advisor: Pat Cottrill

Rock Creek THRIVE Program

THRIVE Mentoring Program focuses on the retention of first year college students, particularly those who are at risk. The role of the Mentor will be able to help identify and assist in accessing appropriate services to help students towards a successful academic experience.

Peer Mentor

First year THRIVE students will be matched with a second or third year peer-mentor. The role of the peer-mentor is to serve as a point of contact and support system for their mentee. Mentors will assist mentees in:

  • Connecting with campus/community resources.
  • Identifying academic and personal goals.
  • Managing difficult situations.
  • Developing stronger relationship with members of the PCC community.

Peer-mentors will meet individually with their assigned mentee (bi-weekly) for a minimum of one hour.

Professional (Faculty/Staff) Mentor

PCC Faculty/Staff will be paired with THRIVE students to serve as Professional Mentors. The role of Professional Mentor is to serve as a resource to peer-mentors, most of who will be transferring to the 4 year and need encouragement and support from faculty/staff. Professional Mentors can serve in a number of capacities; whether it’s as a sounding board for problems or as an advocate.

Peer-mentors meet with their Professional Mentor monthly. During these sessions, students seek guidance in the following areas:

  • Academic/professional goals development.
  • Navigating cultural and societal barriers to success.
  • Identifying service/volunteer opportunities.
  • Professional communication with faculty/staff.

In addition to monthly meetings, Professional Mentors are encouraged to participate in the following activities:

  • Facilitate classroom discussions.
  • Sit-in on mentor facilitated sessions.
  • Volunteer for study halls.
  • Participate in service projects.
  • Attend THRIVE outings.

Academic Advising

As a part of their involvement in the THRIVE Program Mentors and Mentees meet with an Academic Advisor housed in the Multicultural Center. In addition to monitoring academic progress, these advising meetings ensure students are progressing towards their academic and/or transfer goals.

Study Hall

THRIVE will host group study sessions each Thursday for mentors & mentees. These sessions will provide a relaxing environment for students to meet, study, and complete homework assignments. They also provide the opportunity for group tutoring in difficult subjects.

Community Service

As a component of the THRIVE program, students are required to participate in a number of community service projects. The type and amount of service will vary from term to term.

Fall: Minimum of 5 service hours

  • November- Thanksgiving Project

Winter: Minimum of 15 service hours

  • January- MLK Day of Service
  • February - TBD (Student coordinated)
  • March - TBD (Student coordinated)