Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Survey: English | Español

The purpose of the reception is to create the foundation for relationships in an informal, festive setting. At this time, OLI students, their families and supporters, mentors, volunteers, OCHA staff and interested community members can meet and mingle and begin to get to know each other. Questions and suggestions are encouraged, and the goal setting that takes place provides much of the focus that makes each year unique at each OLI site. At the Reception:

  • Students have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the group in ways that will help others begin to know who they really are and what matters to them. Activities are designed to showcase the creative, interactive techniques that convey the very meaningful topics that will be explored throughout the OLI program.
  • As individuals and in small groups, students share their personal intentions and goals for participating in OLI.
  • There is a conscious effort to create a positive and supportive environment in which everyone feels welcome, comfortable and safe.

Objectives and Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Generate and articulate program expectations and guidelines.
  • Establish personal and team goals.
  • Begin to form relationships with mentors.
  • Introduce and say something about three other participants.

Parents/guardians/family members will:

  • Develop a plan for parent and family involvement.