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The purpose of this session is to discuss leadership concepts within the framework of personal, family and cultural values. As with the session on culture, the concept of leadership is explored and reinforced throughout the year. At this session, activities and debriefings are designed that:

  • Enable students to reflect upon their values and the ways in which values influence choice.
  • Encourage students to challenge common assumptions about leadership.
  • Enable students to identify and define their own leadership traits and style.
  • Support appreciation of the differences and unique contributions of each leader who steps forward.
  • Encourage the identification of leadership opportunities and the skills needed to create action plans.

Objectives and Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Identify different styles of leadership.
  • Identify qualities of a leader.
  • Identify their personal leadership qualities.
  • Identify their personal communication skills and styles.
  • Identify the cultural attributes that enhance their leadership styles.
  • Identify current and possible leadership involvement.