Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Picture of five student leaders sitting at a bench.


Wafa A., Political Organizer

I grew up in Sana-Al Yemen. I feel special because I grew up in the same country as Queen Sheba. The biggest challenge that I faced and still face is to stop eating peanuts because I'm allergic to that yummy peanuts. One of my biggest accomplishments for this year is public speaking. Joining a toastmasters club and working at the Multicultural Center made it possible and easier for me to accomplish this. After college I plan to get my bachelor’s degree in order to transfer to law school my biggest dreams is to open a law firm in Yemen. I love being around people with a loud and weird laughter because I have a big laugh:)

What makes me a good leader is that I learn and listen from everyone around me. I believe that there are always lessons to learn. I choose to be a student leader because I have the power to speak up and to show the good side of me and my religion. I’m not only a Muslim but I’m also a student a successful student. With that proof I know that students will get that power to stand up and speak up. When they do, I will always be there to stand by them and support them. My goal is to see more students engaging in campus and with different students because if that happens getting a degree would be much easier with no stress and the campus will be a healthy positive place. With teamwork and respect to one another I believe we can accomplish all the goals we want to do!

Tanya M., MC Ambassador

I was born and raised in Redwood City CA, home of the Golden State Warriors! My father was born in La Paz, Bolivia. My mother was born in Mexico City, and her family comes from Cordova, Spain. I never realized how much I truly valued diversity until I moved out of state and experienced culture shock. I believe that diversity is a beautiful thing that is incredibly valuable and essential. I have a strong bond to my hometown in the Bay Area due to its welcoming atmosphere and diversity. It’s the foundation of where I learned to gain a sense of my identity and values.Icome from a very diverse place which I am really thankful for.

This will be my second year with student leadership, last year I was an advocate at the Women’s Resource Center and this year I chose to continue my activism at the Multicultural Center as an Equity Ambassador. As a student leader you get so much valuable information and resources. Being in student leadership really helped me grow as an individual. It taught me to step out of my comfort zone and it really inspired me to make a change in my community. I am really passionate about social justice, diversity, and empowering others to succeed. I wanted to continue to be involved with my community to come up with ways to demolish systems of oppression within our PCC Community and to create a more inclusive campus.

This will be my last year at Portland Community College after this I will be transferring to get my Bachelor’s in Public Health and minor in Psychology. I plan to obtain my Master’s in Counseling. The reason why I chose these majors are because my passion is helping others overcome any obstacles that they may be going through; seeing them overcome the obstacles and being an open ear is what really makes me happy.

One day I hope to achieve my goals but along the way, make a positive impact in my community and fellow student body. I look forward to an exciting school year getting to know all of you!

Jhoana M., MC Ambassador

Hola, I was born in Hidalgo Mexico, and at the age of 5 years old my family and I immigrated to the State of Oregon. I have been living here ever since as a DREAMer. With an introduction to a non-profit organization called Momentum Alliance I developed allies, mentors, and longtime friends. Because of this organization I have learned new skills that have shaped, helped, and heal my internal wounds. My life has been rough overall, despite that I carry myself to become someone better. I make my struggles my fire to continue working for equity and inclusion for all.

I love to help young individuals like myself that are underrepresented. That’s why I strive to become an educational social worker that builds the gap between youth and the resources they need in order to become successful. My goal for this year is to engage students in leadership positions, so that we can continue to build a stronger campus that creates more diversity. I believe that a great leader has to have the ability to step outside of their comfort zone and most of all be willing to do the work. Even if it’s dirty, messy, or complicated. As a student leader I want to make college as meaningful as it’s been to me. I want students to become successful, have someone they can count on, and most of all learn as much as possible. I am the voice of many of you, so please inform me on what I can do to support you. I look forward to starting this new year with your presence.

Sasha P., Event Coordinator

Hi everyone! This is my third year in student leadership. It’s such a pleasure to work for the Multicultural Center. One of the biggest things I believe in is equality for all. As human beings I feel we must look past racial and cultural differences and learn to value each other as human beings. How else can love prosper in this world? There are so many similarities that bind us together, so many differences that beautify this planet. I can’t imagine working anywhere else except for student leadership. The courage and inclusivity here is beyond compare. My greatest dream is to use social justice to make a positive impact on this world. Along with advocacy and activism.

Kyra R., Political Organizer

            I was born and raised in rural Scappoose, Oregon. I went to community college straight out of high school and after about a year and a quarter I decided that I needed a break and did a year as an AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps member. During that time I traveled around the Midwest doing community service projects with my team and helped organizations serve their communities. I became a student leader because I wanted to continue to help people in similar ways to what I did in AmeriCorps NCCC. As an Equity Ambassador at the Multicultural Center I hope to help break down cultural barriers that exist today and work on social justice issues that are affecting today’s students. After I finish here at PCC I intend to transfer to PSU to finish up my bachelor’s degree and possibly enter the Coast Guard. Once done with school I am really looking forward to a permanent job and being self-sufficient.