For a list of our classes, see Counseling and Guidance Courses.

Ongoing Workshops

Career Counselor

Check with your Counseling office for workshop dates.

Career Development
Provides opportunities to heighten self-awareness and research possible career "fits" in the world of work.
College Survival and Success
Encourages students to explore and use campus resources to increase potential success in reaching academic and personal goals. Course work offers assessment, study skills and time management as well as an orientation to college and PCC specifically.
Study Skills for College Learning
This course is designed to teach students how to study successfully and maximize long term learning by effective reading, memorization tools, test-taking strategies, note-taking tips and time management skills.

Support Groups

Various groups are formed by counselors and counseling interns to address timely issues. Some groups are short-lived, while others are ongoing.

Student Advocacy

Counselors on each campus are available to act as advocates for students in misunderstanding with administrators, faculty, staff and other students.