Students of Concern

Students, faculty and staff play an invaluable role in helping students who are in distress. Your expression of interest, concern and compassion is an important factor toward a student seeking out the assistance they need. Your campus counseling center, Disability Services, Public Safety and administrators stand ready to assist you and any student in need.

Be prepared to assist our students by being familiar with the How to Help a Student of Concern guide. At times it may be best to report a situation to college administrators. In these situations, either fill out the Student of Concern/Incident Report form or contact Public Safety.

When to fill out a Student of Concern/Incident Report

Fill out a Student of Concern/Incident Report if the situation does not need immediate attention but you are concerned about a student's behavior, for example that they are:

  • experiencing serious difficulties
  • expressing excessive anger or rage
  • exhibiting a pattern of disruptive behavior
  • making indirect statements expressing intent to do harm to themselves or others

If you fill out a Student of Concern/Incident Report, it will be submitted directly to the Dean of Students who will  follow up by gathering more information, contacting appropriate individuals, and making a determination about the best way to follow up on that report.

When to Call Public Safety

Call public safety (971-722-4444) if you have an emergency or an immediate need for help in addressing an emerging situation. A crisis exists whenever a person’s behavior poses imminent danger of:

  • Causing harm to self or others
  • Impeding lawful activities of other members of the campus community
  • Causing property damage
  • Interfering with the health, safety, or well being of other members of the PCC community
  • Experiencing a health emergency

If you are ever unsure, call Public Safety at 971-722-4902 for assistance. A dispatcher will coordinate a Public Safety response.