Rock Creek Campus Counseling Services

Rock Creek Campus Bldg. 9 Rm. 118 | 971-722-7300

Counselors are available to assist students and prospective students in their success at Portland Community College. Rock Creek Counseling Department hours are Monday through Thursday 8:30 to 6pm and Fridays 8:30am to 4pm. To make an appointment or to find out our drop in schedule please contact us.

Counseling Services

Academic Counseling

  • College Success/Survival
  • Choosing a Major
  • Goal Setting and Motivation
  • Test Anxiety
  • Time Management
  • Student Advocacy

Academic Retention

  • Unsatisfactory Progress – Probation and Suspension
  • Successful Academic Planning

Career Counseling

  • Assessment and Interpretation
  • Career Research
  • Decision Making

Personal and Crisis Counseling

  • Anxiety and Tension Reduction
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Help with Family Problems
  • Improving Interpersonal Skills
  • Overcoming Loneliness/Depression
  • Recovery
  • Referral to Community Services
  • Relationship Issues
  • Values Exploration