Students4Giving: How Does It Work?

Cynthia Killingsworth, Lead Instructor

Students4Giving working on fundraising auction buttons

Students4Giving working on fundraising auction buttons.

As Students4Giving participants learn about the non-profit world from their regular course curriculum they identify a specific community need for that term’s Students4Giving project. They identify nonprofits serving this community need in the Portland Metro area and ask these nonprofits to submit a request for proposal (grant application). The students evaluate these grants using criteria learned in class, conduct site visits to the nonprofit organizations and select the grant recipients after extensive research and discussion. The Introduction to Nonprofits and Philanthropy course is supported by guest speakers who are leaders from community organizations including United Way, Mercy Corps and Meyer Memorial Trust. 

Students4Giving emphasizes the importance of understanding social issues, the grant-making process, and the role played by philanthropists and non-profit organizations in meeting the needs of our communities. The significance of this process is how the value of each dollar donated doubles when it becomes a powerful learning experience for college students. The program benefits the nonprofits, but it also reaps the additional reward of allowing students to gain direct insight into the philanthropic world by having them guide a real giving program.

Where does the grant money come from?

The original seed money for this project came from a $15,000 Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund grant in 2007. The project is sustained through donations, student fundraising efforts and grant writing efforts.

How can you donate to Students4Giving?

Donate money

Students4Giving has a Designated Program for Excellence Account established at the Portland Community College Foundation. Please list “Students4Giving” on the Foundation donation online form.

Enroll with EScrip
Enroll with EScrip and have up to 5% of your purchase costs with selected local and online merchants automatically go to Students4Giving for no additional cost to you!  Students4Giving's EScrip group code for registration is 500018785.


What Students Are Saying...

"It is one thing to read about a subject and think critically but then another to turn around and apply some of the same principles in a real life situation. I am so appreciative to have been part of a college class that was put into action and to have taken our learning out onto the road."

Megan Michie

"The goal isn't to get an A in the class or pass the final, but to change lives and maximize a positive outcome."

Seth Stilwell