Award Recipients

Cynthia Killingsworth, Lead Instructor


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CASA for Children
$1,500 for the recruitment, training, and supervision of an advocate.
Community Energy Project
$2,500 for development of the Volunteer Services Revitalization Project to help train volunteers to weatherize homes of those in need.
Friends of the Children
$3,500 for obtaining software licensing to operate the FASTT Math Program for youth and paying IT staff to install and test the program.
What they have to say:
The grant through the Students4Giving program also has played a key role in our effort to expand and diversify the Friends of the Children – Portland funding base by building our overall education initiative. This is opening new doors to funding organizations that have a specific interest in supporting academically-based activities. Developing our resources in this way will allow us to sustain the 12 ½ year commitment we make to each of our program children, while giving us the stability to expand our program each year and to offer new and innovative programming opportunities to the children we serve.
Read more in the Grant Report
Sisters of the Road Café
$2,500 support for the Hot Meals/Barter Program.
City of Portland Youth Grants
Advised the Multnomah Youth Council with the awarding of 11 youth grants totaling $9,900.


What Students Are Saying...

“I have always been open-minded but have never been in an environment where so many walks are covered and all have the equal ability to speak their minds freely, wow! Students4giving and this class exist because people care. People want to give back to the communities they love and want them to thrive.”

John Marshall

"I never thought that there could be so many people in one room that cared so much about helping other people and everyday you could tell that our class really wanted the money we had to go to somewhere where it was going to be put to use the best way possible."

Ian Hobson