2013 Awards

Cynthia Killingsworth, Lead Instructor

awards presentation

Friendly House

$5,000 to purchase iPads and laptops for their Project Return program. Project Return provides after-school programming, safety-net-services and a wide range of educational and recreational opportunities for Chapman Elementary School students whose families are experiencing homelessness. Learn more about Friendly House at http://www.friendlyhouseinc.org/.

Central City Concern

$5,000 to partner with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Returning Veterans Project, WorkSource Oregon and other community organizations to produce the annual Portland Stand Down event involving over 700 veterans. Learn more about Central City Concern at http://www.centralcityconcern.org/.


What Students Are Saying...

“As this experience has been amazing, I can only hope every student will have the opportunity to be a part of something special like our class.”

Paul Ferreira

“This class shows students that they are a part of a larger picture, and may even change the way they live their lives.”

Zachary White