Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon



2011 Sylvania Spring Students4Giving Class

Northwest Pilot Project
$3,635 for eviction prevention for low-income seniors
P:ear Mentor
$3,635 for homeless youth housing and transitions program
Portland Homeless Family Solutions
$2,910 for expansion of services for family shelter
Northwest Children's Outreach
$1,820 for customized supply kits for homeless children
Pear accepting award

Chris Baker and Francis Miller presenting
award to Beth Burns of P:ear

NPP accepting award

John Marshall and Jaymith Biol
presenting award to
Brenda Carpenter of Northwest Pilot Project

NWCO accepting award

Seth Stilwell and Shane Moulder
presenting award to
Northwest Children's Outreach


PHFS accepting award

Susie Sample, Donna Eggemeyer and
Stephanie Suda presenting award
to Brandi Tuck and Michael Louzao of
Portland Homeless Family Solutions