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Portland Organic Productions (PDXOP)

Visit the organization web site: http://pdxop.weebly.com/

What We Do

Our mission is to To Achieve Sustainable Community Growth through Revitalization and Preservation of our Natural and Rural Areas. This is achieved with a monthly revitalizationvand beautification event in the St. John's business district and at Cathedral Park -Along the Willamette River- to cleanup litter, graffiti, and invasive plants, to install murals, and  native plants in public spaces.  We are raising money to clean more spaces in Portland.


Opportunities for service with us

     Portland Organic Productions has ongoing volunteer oppotunities for a raing of activities including: street and river clean up, mural insulation, screen printing, fundraising, grant writting, marketing & public relations. Please contact Anisha Scanlon for volunteer hours. 

Preferred way to contact:
Anisha Scanlon
503 964-3428
7311 N. Fiske Ave.
Portland, OR 97203 Directions
Bus Service
75, 4, 44