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Community Vision

Visit the organization web site: http://cvision.org/

What We Do

Community Vision, Inc. works to make Oregon a place where people with developmental disabilities can live, work, and thrive in whatever communities they choose. We offer a network of services- including supported living, independent housing and homeownership, and employment services- to make this possible.

All of our programs are grounded in the belief that people do well when they are recognized as individuals, not the sum of their diagnoses. Staff work one-on-one with participants to identify personal strengths, challenges, and goals. Individualized support allows each participant to move toward those goals at his or her own pace. Our goal is to help them become engaged and productive in their own communities, access meaningful equitable employment and financial security, and enjoy the ability to make basic choices about their lives.

Opportunities for service with us

Different programs depending on the season, including a cycling event in late September. Call Valerie Plummer, Community Vision's Development Director, to ask about volunteering at (503) 292-4964 x124

Preferred way to contact:
Valerie Plummer
503-292-4964 x124
1750 Southwest Skyline Boulevard
Portland, OR 97221 Directions
Bus Service
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