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Community Energy Project, Inc.

Visit the organization web site: http://www.communityenergyproject.org/contact.html

What We Do

Community Energy Project, Inc. empowers people in the Portland metro area to maintain healthier, more livable homes, control their utility costs, and conserve natural resources. We do this through education, hands-on training, and distribution of weatherization, water conservation, and lead poisoning prevention materials. We also provide direct weatherization and water conservation services to seniors and people with disabilities.  We deliver these services in partnership with community members and service organizations, utilities, corporations, foundations, and government agencies.

We envision a future where all people can afford to live in their homes with dignity, comfort, and safety.

Opportunities for service with us

In-Home Weatherization for Seniors & People with Disabilities

If you would like to do "on the ground" work, take pride in doing a job right, and are familiar with basic tools, this is a great position. Using energy saving materials such as silicone-acrylic and rope caulk, interior vinyl storm windows, and door weather-stripping, individuals and teams of volunteers weatherize the homes of 230 seniors and people with disabilities every year. We provide training for all of our volunteers before heading out to the homes. Minimum age: 14 (typically 3-5 hours each time). Available mostly weekdays between 9-5pm, and occational Saturdays during the weatherization season (Sep-Feb).

Specific Tasks or Activities:

Installing draft-stopping weatherization materials: Internally-mounted vinyl storm window kits, door weather-stripping, energy-efficient light bulbs, etc. Installation of safety equipment: safety grab-bars, bathtub-transfer benches, hand-held shower heads, raised toilet seats, etc.

Service Location/Address:

Location varies throughout Multnomah County. It is often an option to meet at CEP address to ride with employees to a site.

Physical requirements that might exclude some participants: must be able to lift 15 lbs, raise arms above head, and climb stepladder – potential exposure to in-home air-quality issues – such as pets, smoke, dust, and other allgergens

Follow-up Surveys (spring term only)

Other Requirements: be able to work with diverse groups of people.

If you’re skilled on the phone, enjoy conversation, geel out on data and positive feedback, this is the position for you!

Specific Tasks or Activities:

Conducting follow-up phone surveys with past clients who have attended weatherization, lead poisoning prevention, and water conservation workshops.

Service Location/Address: 422 NE Alberta Street, Portland OR

Physical requirements that might exclude some participants: must be able to sit at desk for duration of shift (2-4 hours, typically)

Other Requirements: be able to work with diverse groups of people, strong communication skills












Preferred way to contact:
Danielle Bartolomucci
503-284-6827 ext 112
422 NE Alberta
Portland, OR 97211 Directions
Bus Service
6, 72