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Roosevelt Writing and Publishing Center

What We Do


Mission. Roosevelt High School (Portland, Oregon) is committed to developing a culturally responsive Writing and Publishing Center that will help our students develop the writing skills they need to graduate, succeed in college and have career options. 

Opportunities for service with us
Purpose and Objectives.
We have designed the Roosevelt High School Writing and Publishing Center to serve four distinct functions;
Enhancing writing skills essential for graduation, college and career;
Raising the visibility of youth voice and writing in the community;
Sustaining our near-peer mentoring opportunities and the Writing and Publishing Center itself; and
Engaging students in emerging forms of digital and print communication.
Roosevelt High School students interviewed and compiled their interview responses, writings, recordings and photographs into a museum quality exhibit. Students served as docents as they took their Freedom Fighters exhibit and book on tour to local Portland churches, libraries, universities and other institutions, sharing their work and what they have learned about civil rights, social justice and about themselves. The Publishing Center’s First Annual Freedom Fighter Exhibit was viewed by more than 3,000 community members and students, educating the community about the historic Freedom Rides on 1961 and the successes and challenges of local Freedom Fighters.
This project gives Roosevelt students the opportunity to improve and highlight their writing and presentation skills. Their study of history and civic leadership comes alive through personal stories. Students learn best what they teach to others. This is a great opportunity for you to support Roosevelt High School’s Freedom Fighter Exhibit. Students at Roosevelt will be interviewing people in the community who are fighting for social justice and civil rights. They will create a book and exhibit based on the interviews and the personal writings of the students.
Perfect opportunity for someone who is interested in issues of social justice and the achievement gap. This is also a great way to meet amazing people in your community and network with people and organizations that are engagement in important community work.
Volunteer with the Freedom Fights Exhibit
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
-Contacting community leaders who will be interviewed to confirm the time and place of the interviews.
-Coordinating schedules with the teacher, student and community members.
-Double-checking equipment for the interviews and render the MP3 or audio files onto a web site.
-Securing permission to publish forms
-Follow up to secure high quality photos of interviewees and interviewers
-Confirming dates and locations for student presentations and our exhibit tour
-Very flexible hours! While much of the work can be done from the comfort of your home or college, it requires strong self-management skills.
Marketing Specialist
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
-Establish a database of media contacts - TV, newspaper, magazines, radio.
-Develop a plan to effectively use social media to inform students, parents and community members about the work of the Writing and Publishing Center
-Develop an effective quarterly newsblast.
-Coach and support Roosevelt students as they write media releases and prepare public presentations. Review and feedback can be provided.
-Contact and invite media to various events and keep them informed of our work.
-Very flexible hours! While much of the work can be done from the comfort of your home or college, it requires strong self-management skills.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
-Identify prospective donors compatible with the mission of Roosevelt’s Writing and Publishing Center. Research donors to other organizations in the region, read publications from around the state, and seek new resources for finding donors.
-Assist with prospect mailings for President’s Circle and Corporate Partner membership programs.
-Develop and maintain database of donors and prospects, and help fill project and general fundraising donor pipelines.
-Update and maintain database of donors and prospects, particularly contacts, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.
-Fun and unique Fundraising Event
-Establish and support Development Team
Volunteer to Archive Audio Interviews
We have interviews of Portland community members who have been fighters for social justice that have been captured on MP3 files and on IPads. Each interview is between 20-45 minutes.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
-edit blank and duplicative sections using audacity
-prepare them for being archived by Oregon Historic Society
-gather permission to publish forms from the interviewees
-prepare the refined audio for web hosting
-if possible, combine photos and audio for our web page and for a public exhibit
-You can do this work on your own schedule
-You need access to your own computer and ability to download and use Audacity software.
Deadlines: We would like the work to be completed by December 2012.
Preferred way to contact:
Kate McPherson
6941 N Central
Portland, OR 97203 Directions
Bus Service
Much of work can be done online from home/college