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Create Plenty

Visit the organization web site: www.createplenty.org

What We Do

Create Plenty is a non-profit organization to mobilizing people toward a culture of resourcefulness and intentional daily living, creating waste-free, local alternatives that are practical and accessible by all.


Opportunities for service with us

Zero Waste Cafe Volunteer

The Cafe program is intended to provide an opportunity for youth to learn entrepreneurial and vocational skills through a sustainability lens, as well as serve as a community building workspace for NE Portland residents.  It is a vibrant partnership between Leaven, Trash for Peace, and Create Plenty--all local 501c3 non-profit organizations.

The cafe will initially be held one time per week on Thursdays, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. to coincide with the SWAP (Swap, Work And Play) hours in the Leaven Community Commons.  From 8 a.m.-9 a.m., bilingual yoga will be held in the sanctuary as well.

The cafe will be ZERO WASTE.  All drinks and food will be served on durable/reusable ware, with no paper cups or plates.  All food/coffee grounds will be composted, and all other beverages will be able to be recycled (no plastic).  The hope is that the energy used to power the machines eventually be directly generated by renewable energy (solar).  All sales will be suggested donation.


Requirements for Participation

  • Attend training (with free food!) on July 14th at 11 a.m. or shadow a shift prior to your start date.
  • Schedule your 2-4 hour shifts between 9-1 on Thursdays, July 16-Aug 27.
  • Complete shifts in your contract.
  • Help with publicity
  • Serve coffee, tea and have fun!

Location: Leaven Commons, 5431 NE 20th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97211

To apply, please respond to:



Preferred way to contact:
Cheryl B. Lohrmann
503 757-9887
PO Box 11823
Portland, OR 97211 Directions
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