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African Youth and Community Organization (AYCO)

Visit the organization web site: www.aycoworld.org

What We Do

Visit the organization web site: www.aycoworld.org

About AYCO/Mission

AYCO was conceived as a general services organization for African immigrants and refugees. We began by working with children to establish a strong and enduring bond for newly arrived families. We quickly realized the deep needs and overwhelming demand for youth services in Portland and Beaverton, and have opened our doors to a variety of youths from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. Currently we have participants in our programs in approximately 85 kids- Immigrant and refugee children struggle in a new society – it is hard to adapt, and they lack past structure and training in skills others take for granted. We wanted to create a program that educates youth in our community about the danger and challenges they face, such us Drugs, alcohol use and sexual abuse exploitation, along with other dangerous behaviors. We also wanted to help them be successful in school and adapt to their new culture, while helping them retain their cultural identity and heritage with pride. We promote good decision making, we help youth identify more positive options, and we try and create leaders and role models in the community for others to lead tomorrow.

The goal of the African Youth and Community Organization is to focus bring and unity to the community through various activities including community outreach programs. We are trying to enrich youth and their families to be active participants in their community and to bring about change via activity involvement. Our 1st goal is to empower and demonstrate cultural pride as well as a sense of gratitude among our youth to give back to their community. Our second goal is to encourage immigrant and refugee youth toward higher education, positive activities and active engagement in their community.


 The African Youth and Community Organization (AYCO) address the lack of services and programs for African immigrant and refugee families. Schools are inadequately equipped to deal with African refugee youth; parents lack the necessary language skills for effective communication with the schools and other community organizations; and existing organizations too often under-serve or cut loose families, leaving them ill-prepared for interactions with the larger community.

 We offer culturally Responsive Programs by building bridges between families and service providers.

AYCO is Firmly Committed to provide local Immigrant and Refugee youth skills and confidence necessary to be active members of their communities and to be Cultivating Tomorrow Leaders.

 AYCO’s primary goal is to encourage immigrant and refugee youth towards higher education, positive activities, and active engagement in their community.  AYCO’s goals include cultivating leaders and active participants within the immigrant and refugee community who will act as bridges to the wider community of the Portland area. However, all youth who wants to join or become a member of AYCO are welcome, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.  

 AYCO focuses on empowering the young members of our community to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Opportunities for service with us

It will be delightful to get support such as,

- Homework help

- Tutoring

- Coaches, Basketball, soccer and track

- Referees

- Teachers

-Case workers (social services)

-Mentors for both children and adult

- Website support

- Office secretary

- Adult education

- English and math support

Preferred way to contact:
Jamal Dar
10625 SW 35th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97219 Directions
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