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Columbia County Animal Control

What We Do

County Sehriff's Department Animal Control Agency.

Humane Investigations and Animal Nuisance investigations. Enforcement of animal related complaints, to include neglect, abuse and hoarding case. Enforcement of Animal nusisance violations.  CJA students. Internships and field work, Hands on.

Animal Shelter  and animal care: Kennel workers, Animal Care Specialist, Office Specialist.

Opportunities for service with us

Internship for CJA student interested in becomes Animal Control Officer, Humane Investigator, Police Officer, or Animal Trainer. Or just developing specialty field to enhance your law enforcement resume.

Shelter Employee: Learning kennel work, animal handling skills, Government office worker, Animal Care Specialist, Office Specialist.

License writer: Field work canvassing areas for enforcement of rabies/licensing.

Programs are available for any number of hours per week and weekends. 8 hours to 40 hours  a week.

Program open to ideas of student , so can design your own ideas.

Preferred way to contact:
Roger Kadell
2084 Oregon Street
Saint Helens, Oregon 97051 Directions
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