Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

(taken from the Big Dummies Guide to Service-Learning)

  • After recruiting volunteers, find or develop opportunities for them to get involved right away.
  • Have clear goals and expectations of what volunteer will do.
  • BE FLEXIBLE- have volunteer projects on weekends & weekdays, morning and evenings. This kind of diversity of opportunity will enable students to balance school, work, family, and service!
  • Make sure volunteers understand the importance of the task they are doing, and how it fits into the overall project / agency / mission.
  • Never allow people to feel that you wasted their time or that they weren't really needed.
  • Provide food & refreshments after projects.
  • Provide a structure so that those who want to can take on roles of greater responsibility.
  • Give honest and sincere praise, say "Thank you", make people glad they came and participated.