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Community Partners

Volunteers at Tryon Creek State Park - October 2011

Non-profit community agencies in the area and Portland Community College (PCC) have formed educational partnerships to seek new and innovative ways to meet student and community needs. PCC students provide valuable service to community partners who, in turn, support students' educational endeavors.

Benefits to Becoming a Community Partner

  • Provides short-term volunteers to meet community needs.
  • Provides potential long-term volunteers and potential recruits for agency employment.
  • Increases awareness of agency services and social issues within the community.
  • Community-Based Learning initiatives provide the community with substantial human resources to meet its educational, human, safety, and environmental needs. The talent, energy, and enthusiasm of college students are applied to meet these ever increasing needs.
  • Many students commit to a lifetime of volunteering after this experience creating a democracy of participation.
  • Community-Based Learning creates a spirit of civic responsibility that replaces the current state of dependence on government programs and altruism by the experts. It results in a renewed sense of community and encourages participative democracy.
  • Community agencies gain the opportunity to participate in educational partnerships.

Becoming a PCC Community-Based Learning Community Partner

To be considered a PCC Community-Based Learning Community Partner, we have a few criteria you must meet.

  1. Be a non-profit or public agency serving community needs.
  2. Be located near PCC campuses and throughout the PCC district (including Multnomah County west of 205, Washington County, Columbia County, parts of Yamhill County, and Lake Oswego).
  3. Provide volunteer positions that foster learning objectives.
  4. Incorporate risk-management procedures for injury prevention and liability reduction.
  5. Accept volunteers for one quarter (up to ten weeks), with the possibility of continuation beyond the quarter. (Note: Instructors assign varying minimum hours for the quarter, ranging from about 5 to 20 total hours.)
  6. Have a responsible contact person who will:
    • Respond quickly to student inquiries.
    • Let students know quickly whether they are accepted.
    • Place students in positions matching educational objectives.
    • Ensure that students are oriented, trained, and supervised.
    • Communicate with students and/or PCC instructors about problems and successes.
    • Follow the guidelines on the PCC Community-Based Learning Agreement.
  7. Interested in promoting students’ academic learning, volunteerism, and civic engagement.
  8. Understand the disclaimer we provide to our PCC community.


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