Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Students doing Service-Learning will need an orientation to your site just like other volunteers.  The orientation should:

  • Familiarize the students with the mission of the organization
  • Introduce them to the space and people
  • Cover safety issues related to the respective position and responsibilities
  • Establish guidelines for tasks
  • Communicate expectations for conduct

This orientation is the students' first substantive contact with your organization and will set the tone for the Service-Learning experience.

If you are planning on conducting a group orientation for volunteers, keep in mind that student schedules may prevent them from attending an orientation outside of the agreed upon time for them to volunteer.

Remember Service-Learning students are there to learn and  serve, so don’t hesitate to talk with them about the issues facing your organization.  They will benefit from learning about social structures and policies that make your work important to the populations you serve.