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2014-2015 Application deadline: Friday, October 10th at 5pm

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Every fall, a new faculty cohort comes together to satisfy their curiosity about community-based learning and fulfill their need for professional development. The CBL Faculty Cohort is an opportunity for instructors to convert a course of their own into a community-based learning course. All full and part-time faculty (from any discipline) are eligible to apply for the cohort in early Fall. Each accepted cohort member receives a $500 stipend for their time and work during the year.

As a cohort, each instructor prepares a course for a service-learning assignment/project by attending two class sessions on service-learning pedagogy. Additionally, we meet throughout the year to discuss service-learning, particular projects & pedagogy we are trying to implement, and to troubleshoot as a course is in motion.

The sessions are facilitated by Community-Based Learning Faculty Coordinators and our District Program Coordinator. Cohort members learn about the payoffs and pitfalls of community-based learning, then develop an enriching, manageable, and sustainable learning project that deepens their students’ experience of their course.

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Participation in the Community-Based Learning Faculty Cohort is by application only. Applications for 2015-2016 will be posted in Spring.

2014-15 Cohort
  • Lutgarda Cowan, English
  • Ken Kraska, Psychology
  • Alissa Leavitt, Health
  • Beth Manhat, Chemistry
  • Heidi Sickert, Business
2013-14 Cohort
  • Ben Clemenzi-Allen, English
  • Joye Otto, Writing
  • Maria Holmes, Business Administration
  • Marianne Monson, Writing
  • Virginia Schwartz, DE Reading and Writing
2012-13 Cohort
  • Oksana Kuzminova, Business Administration
  • Hsiao-Yun Shotwell, Chinese
  • Charlie Presti, History
  • Maria Alejandra Bonifaci, Spanish
2011-12 Cohort
  • Carl Yao, Math
  • Christine Weber, Art History
  • Anne Sinke, Humanities
  • Susan Federici, Chemistry
2010-11 Cohort
  • Alison Butler, Developmental Education
  • Alexa Maros, Business
  • Nell Johnson, English Composition
  • Amanda Gerke, Spanish
  • Lara Messersmith-Glavin, Developmental Education & English
  • Andrew Fague, Writing
2009-10 Cohort
  • Jessica Lamb, Writing
  • Linda Jones, Early Childhood Education
  • Hadiyah Miller, Early Childhood Education
  • Dana Gail, Physical Education
  • John Drain, Business Administration
  • Deborah Edwall, PCC Prep
2008-09 Cohort
  • Susan Iversen, Developmental Education
  • Katie Leonard Floyd, Aviation & Math
  • Cat Zimmerman, Instructional Improvement
  • Stephanie Zink, Spanish
  • Ted Picciotto, Chemistry
  • Alexie McNerthney, Biology