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Get to Oregon CIS on the MyPCC My Courses tab

Use OR CIS to research and develop your career plan! This is a free planning tool for PCC students.

Research careers & degrees

Which jobs will be a good match? What is that job like? How much does it pay? How much education do you need? 

  • Career Assessment tab: quizzes that give you career ideas
  • Explore Careers tab: up-to-date job market information
  • Explore Education tab: searchable database of colleges

Choose your career & your path

How do you choose a career based on your priorities? Where do you keep track of your plan?

  • Make Career Decisions tab: tools to help you narrow in on your best choice
  • Career planning tab: write your goals down and keep track of your progress

Find jobs & get hired

How do you get work experience? How do you keep track of where you applied? 

  • Network & Get Experience tab: save work experience in the resume creator so you can find it later
  • Launch My Career tab: use the weekly job search tool to track your efforts
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About the homepage

Checklists panel
PCC staff create checklists to help plan your career. Ask staff at Career Exploration Centers to help you create custom checklists based on your goals.
You recently...
This panel shows the next steps you can take based on the actions completed the last time you were here.
Favorites panel
This area shows a scrolling list of saved jobs, programs of study, schools, and job search tricks. If you favorite something, it will show up here.
Toggle between systems
If you want to leave PCC's custom CIS system, use the "Standard CIS" link. The standard CIS system is used in high schools and colleges across Oregon.