Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

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Use the PCC version of OR CIS (Oregon’s Career Information System) to research and develop your career development plan:

  • Which occupations use your interests and skills?  Career Assessments
  • What is a specific job like and how much does it pay in Oregon?  Explore Careers
  • How much education is needed (for various careers)?  Which colleges in Oregon and the US offer the programs that I’ll need?  Explore Education
  • How can I choose a career, based on my own priorities? Make Career Decisions
  • Where can I record my research about my career goal?  Career Planning
  • What activities should I pursue during college that will help me get work experience?  Network & Get Experience
  • How do I prepare for a job search? Launch My Career
  • After I graduate, what does PCC offer to help me keep growing in my career?  THRIVE

OR CIS can be found on your My Courses tab in MyPCC.