Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Cooperative education is a course that is individually designed for you and your job site. The program requires that you write learning objectives. You will work with your job site supervisor to determine if the job can provide you the experiences necessary to accomplish your objectives. You may also work with your instructors or co-op ed specialists when writing your objectives.

Focus your objectives on various types of learning

  • Practicing skills and applying knowledge learned in class.
  • Learning new skills or acquiring new information.
  • Enhancing attitudes or motivation.

Plan duties or activities for each objective. Your duties or activities should give you an opportunity to accomplish each goal. Objectives should be clear and specific. Consider how your progress will be measured. At the end of the term your supervisor will be asked to evaluate whether you met your objectives.

Examples of Learning Objectives

Objective Duties
Practical, hands on experience with Windows set-up and tuning.

Set up PC software, including upgrading printer drivers, setting or adjusting swap files.


Manager proficiency, application installation or activation.

Improve my report writing by being more clear and brief. Have my supervisor proofread and evaluate my writing.
Increase client contact in the corrections field. Each week perform four interviews, and make a minimum of four telephone contacts.
Increase my knowledge of the prevention of child abuse. Attend training sessions offered by my employer, read literature available in the office and do library research.
Learn about how the agency serves the public, and its daily operations Attend staff meetings and in-services, interview supervisor, observe daily activities.
Gain speed and accuracy in servicing brakes. Complete brake jobs under supervision of journeyman technicians.
Use and expand knowledge and skills obtained from Plant Propagation class to choose plants in display for spring time plantings. Identify shaded and full sun areas in display spot. Become familiar with company names and contact people to buy plantings. Use negotiating skills to see if better prices can be obtained from supplier.