CAMP Service-Learning Projects 2008-2009

Essays written by student mentor Gregorio Luis with the help of the CAMP Mentor team.

National Blood Drive in Honor of Cesar Chavez (May 9, 2009)

Leaders and Student Mentors: Gregorio Luis-Ramirez, Claudia Lucatero, Alejandro Luis-Ramirez

Donors laying in cots attended by phlebotomist in white coat.

The CAMP blood drive was part of a powerful national effort by CAMP students, in partnership with American Red Cross to educate the Latino Communities on the importance of giving blood and to honor Cesar Chavez birthday March 31st. Latinos are the largest minority group in the U.S, with a high percentage of this population has O+ blood types. The other percentage Latinos carry O negative, which is universal to all blood types and can help save many more lives. Previous to the blood drive, the students offered various presentations about blood donation in the community including places such as Saint Alexander Church, PCC Rock Creek, KBOO radio station, and a TV interview on Univision’s News Program. On Saturday, May 9, the clinic Allied Chiropractic was generous to provide space for the blood drive and refreshments for the donors.

Migrant CAMP Fundraiser (May 29, 2009)

Leader and Student Mentor: Geurif Hernandez

Camp students sorting collections.

One of the requirements that the students of the College Assistance Migrant Program have to fulfill is taking part of a service learning project in their first year of college. Here at PCC Rock C reek, a Migrant Camp Fundraiser was done through the Virginia Garcia Clinic every year, and a group of amazing CAMP students took part in helping this cause out. The fundraiser focused on collecting clothes, books for kids, toys, and hygiene items.  The students organized some tabling in order to let student on campus know about the fundraiser. Not only did they advertise at school, but they also advertised outside in the community through their churches. On the final day of the fundraiser the clothes was separated and transported to four different Camps in Washington County.

High School Drop-out Rate Presentation (May 18, 2009)

Leaders and student mentors

Leaders and Student Mentors: Daisy Martinez, Roy Gomez

A group of CAMP students offered an outstanding presentation at Portland City Hall on Monday May 18th, focusing on the causes, preventions, and potential solutions to the constantly growing high school drop-out rate in the community. The students offered a 10 minutes presentation to a group of educators and distinguished leaders of the state of Oregon. The presentation convinced the audience that programs like CAMP and the support from parents and teachers help graduated high school students to go to college and focus in their learning and education.

The Danger of Teenage Drinking – Presentation (April 30, 2009)

Leaders and Student Mentors: Emmanuel Salgado, Sandra Tellez

CAMP students waiting to speak in front of podium.

Another group of students chose to give an impressive presentation at PCC Rock Creek, Event Center, explaining the negative effects of teenage drinking or underage drinking to a group of high school students. The presentation was featured during the Semana de La Raza (Week of the people) event at PCC Rock Creek. The students offered important facts and information related to addiction, dangerous effects of alcohol, and its short-term body effects, convincing the high school students to get support from resources and dedicated organizations that support the cause.