Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Your campus bookstore has you covered from Art supplies to Yoga mats and everything in between. Some classes have very specific supply needs, so we partnered with many of your instructors to carry a wide selection of the supplies you will need for your classes. ar

Special Supplies & Equipment

Some items we carry include:

  • Dental Kits
  • Breadboard and electronic kits
  • Yoga mats, pedometers, swim caps and goggles
  • Chemistry goggles and molecular sets
  • Gait belts, stethoscopes, sphygmomanmeters
  • Supplies for art, drafting, graphic design and print making courses

Please note that not all campus stores carry the same selection. Please contact us to see if the item you need is something we carry.Yoga Mat

In addition to specific class needs, all PCC Bookstore locations offer PCC branded items, as well as general supplies like paper, pens, back packs. If you need something for your academic career, and we don't carry it, please let us know! We strive to be the only stop (besides class) that you need to make.

Supplies & Merchandise Online

We are currently offering a limited supply of merchandise online. We hope to expand our selections in the future. Click on your campus link below. On the campus page, select "Supplies/Merchandise" from the navigation list on the left hand side.