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ASPCC Sylvania Book Exchange Spring 2016!

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Zac and Nathan making the exchange

The ASPCC Sylvania Book Exchange is a consignment-based service for students. The program is a win-win for students because they often can sell their textbooks at a higher amount than the Campus Bookstore can offer for their textbook at buyback, while students that are buying books can often find deals on textbooks that are discounted deeper than the Campus Bookstore sells textbooks for. The service costs student sellers $1 per textbook, and we link a Google Spreadsheet to our website that lists all of the books that are available for sale (for the buyers) and textbooks that have been sold (so that student sellers know if their book has sold so they can plan their finances accordingly). The spreadsheet is updated in real-time so that students can know immediately what books are available and can travel from other PCC campuses to our campus if need be using PCC’s free shuttle system to get their textbook.