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MAVEN (Men's Anti-Violence Education Network)

MAVEN provides a space where students can analyze what it means to "Be A Man" in our society. Utilizing clips of various popular media (from Super Bowl commercials to music videos), as well as activities and workshops, MAVEN meetings take a closer look at the expectations put on men and women, and how they can relate to violence.

MAVEN members also coordinate community events and activism. We host film-screenings, art installations, video posts, and public performances to counter the dominant messages sent out to everyone.

We explore issues of masculinity, homophobia, interpersonal violence, and gender socialization. Our events and activities address causes of violence including intersecting oppressions such as racism, classism, etc. MAVEN is open to everyone and works to promote equitable attitudes, behaviors, practices, and policies for our community.

web: goo.gl/Gplhv
facebook: facebook.com/pccmaven
twitter: @mavenpcc



meets: Meetings are 2-3pm in the Sylvania CC Building.
Please contact for info about meetings at other campuses.
May 8th - Spruce Room
May 22th - Spruce Room
June 5th - Spruce Room
contact: Greg.stromire@pcc.edu


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