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Sylvania Clubs List

Check out all of the clubs Sylvania has to offer for the 2012-2013 school year. Click here to download it!

Club Name Coordinators/Advisor Email Description
9/11 Studies
Thomas Hermach

To examine in an academic fashion the events of 9/11/01 and all of their ramifications

Brenda Russell
Matt Stockton
African Student Association
Edgard Musafiri To create an environment where African students can assemble, share life experiences and express views and concerns, create a platform of knowledge awareness, provide for members in need
  Aerton V. Pereira
Hersi Ahmed
Ageless Network
Trina Olson To provide a network for gerontology students studying aging issues
  Ben Puggarana
Ann McQueen
Aircraft Club
Michelle Guckenheimer    
  Alex Rivas
Richard Dawes
American Assembly of Men in Nursing
Jesse Belanger The purpose of the American Association of Men in Nursing is to provide a framework for nurses, as a group, to meet, to discuss and influence factors which affect men as nurses
  Evan Higgins
Terry Wynkoop
American Sign Language
Lori Anne Jazzar To support and promote American Sign Language and provide the opportunity for hearing and Deaf people to socialize, practice and improve signing
  Rose Rackham
Betsy Burks
Archery Club
Mary Lao To promote archery, to learn and improve, have fun, make friends, meet new people!
  Talisha Jackson
Ruth Moultrie
Art for a Cause
Jessyca "Janelle" Garcia To create art with a scientific approach to benefit the community and auction it for local non-profits
  Kelseyann Mechem
Mark Smith
Asian Games Club
Roger LaMarche To promote cross-cultural awareness and appreciation of strategy board and card games played in Japan, China, Korea and other parts of Asia
  Wendy Gleason
Christopher Shelley
Clay Club
Dawning McGinnis To raise money for charities and ceramic-related projects
  Donald B Dowling
Charles Washburn
Computer Club
Katrina Prosise To promote computer skills and usage; to provide a frame for students to interact and share; to provide a centralized computer knowledge network; to hold education events
  Jamison Hubermann
Cara Tang
Dental Assistants Club
Mioara Dafinescu To facilitate the Dental Assisting graduation each June
  Yvonne Robles
Dr. Morris D'Angelis, Magda
German Club Hannah Garrison To learn about German culture and practice the German language
  Bethany Whitlock
Susan Stober
In Your Own Words
Krystle Hilman To provide a safe and fun environment to improve writing skills through fan fiction
  Audrea Haller
Michael McDowell
International and Immigrant Women Students
Zulay Hodukavich To support international and immigrant women and to provide a safe environment for them
  Maki Yoshinaga
Davina Ramirez
International Youth and Students for Social Equality Anthony Viner To unite students in the common interest of advancing a socialist and internationalist program clearly demarcated from traditional political parties
  Sammy Stuhlman
Emiliano Vega
Korea Club
Victoria Bartscherer  
  Taylor Landre
Sylvia Gray
Jesus Ramon Baltier Bautista To promote higher education, community service, political environment, and culture
  Yolanda Sandoval
Max Maclas
Men's Anti-Violence Education Network (MAVEN)
Whelan M. Easley To provide a safer place where members can explore issues of masculinity, homophobia, interpersonal violence and gender socialization
  Eric Ruiz
Rut. R. Martinez-Alicea
National Student Nursing Association
Megan Cross To contribute to nursing education; to provide programs of interest to nursing students; to aid in the development of the whole person
  Beth Takahashi
Teri Mills
NKBA (National Ktichen and Bath Association)
Heidi Savoy-Striebeck To enhance member success and excellence, promote professionalism and ethical business practices and provide leadership for our members
  Sandra Barrientos
Robin Fisher
Nicklas Molatore To spread Otaku culture and create a place where it can flourish
  Thomas Whelan
Takako Yamaguchi
PANTS (People Acting Not Too Seriously)
Ryan Noel To promote and practice improvisational acting
  Shannon Cluphf
John Duncan
Ashley Bell Helping to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others; and helping the Body of Christ do evangelism and discipleship
  Andrew Nesseth
Tina N. Heber
PCC Soccer Club
Brooke Harmon To develop leadership and good sportsmanship, support good relations, bridge athletics and academics, and win championships
  Jose Cazares
Tabitha Hartman
Psychology Club
Ashleigh Burgess To provide forums to learn about the field of psychology and discuss issues
  David Gifford
Richard Lazere
Queer Straight Alliance
Renee Renn To encourage political activism for the achievement of queer rights; to advocate for safe space for the interests of queer students and their allies
  Samantha Taylor
Anne O'Reilly
The RADicals
Mark Pearsall To encourage students to obtain education to help them understand Radiography in a supportive and environmentally conscious atmosphere
  Donna Murakami-Kanights
Barb Smith
The Resistance
Jared Cadena To promote a career in engineering, outreach, entrepreneurship through business guidance and guest speakers, and increase diversity
  Umid Mamadaminov
David Goldman
Jason Kelley To organize funds and help support the Radiology class of 2014
  Brandi Toscano
Barbara Smith
Russian Club
Tia Melanie Sharp To practice speaking Russian, explore Russian culture, and attend area events that focus on Russian culture and language
  Jennifer Cermola
Kristine Shmakov
Saudis at PCC
Ahmed Alswaidan To introduce Saudi culture, provide help and support to existing and new students
  Abdulla Alessa
Sarah Bailie
Student Leadership Club
Wendy Henken To develop support for student leaders and provide a forum for communication, friendships and the planning of joint ventures
  Ralph Sawning
Sarah Elsasser
Student Parent Network
Tiffany Mabin To provide support for student parents and their families; to create an environment that supports their needs; to assure retention and success in school
  Vanessa Palacios
Ginny Christian
Sylvania Connection
Shinai Cox To encourage students to engage in volunteer activities
  Shawn Brooker
Shani Ong
Sylvania Roots Resource
Arturo Guzman To act as an educational, service and social club open to all students; to provide outreach, to assist in acclimation to college life
  Chris Shauinger
Lynn Montoya Quinn
Tae Kwon Do
Samantha Vosika-Wright To promote the teachings of the tenets of Tae Kwon Do
  Patrick Smith
Ruth Moultrie
Theatre Arts Club
Dustin K Snyder To create an artistic, educational, and professional network of students that share ideas and support the effort to create performance art (including stage, film, television, etc)
  Micheal McRae
Patrick Tangredi
Alex Donatelli To create community, providing continued support for Transitions students, and to plan fun events
  Suzanne Bernardi
Ginny Christian
Philip Hartman To create awareness and support for people who identify with having a physical or psychological disability
  Kasey Lorraine Thornton
Elizabeth Kimberly
Veterans Club
Josh Pudelsky To enhance the educational experience of the military veteran community by providing a social and support network
  George Martin
Julie Barber
Voices of Soul
ValJeanne Jupiter The PCC Sylvania Choir
  Megan Swader
Julianne R Johnson-Weiss
Harley Combs To bring together those interested in playing volleyball, including intramural events and the support in the learning of the game
  Tim Covert
Luis Menchu
Zen Dragons
Keegan Shelton To continue the tradition of dragon boating at PCC
  Hilary Forster
Lennie Kesterson


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