Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

ASPCC Sylvania Senate Team

Our Senate team is comprised of members who are dedicated to representing students' interests at the campus, college, district, and state level. They help to work to implement solutions for common problems students face. They also help with voter registration drives, and are a bridge for student advocacy.

ASPCC Senate Committee Reports One of the ways that we advocate for students is through representing our student body on various Portland Community College committees. Check out the Committee Reports page today!

Team members:

Legislative Director, Kole Myrick

Legislative Director, Kole Myrick Hello! My name is Kole A Myrick; I am almost 40 years old, vegan, trans* (FtM) and a social, racial and queer justice activist. Apart from school, I enjoy reading, watching movies, finding great new restaurants, listening to music and playing video games, especially role-playing games. My goals for this years Senate Team are to register as many people to vote as possible and to educate the entire campus on a proposal to raise our student activity fee. If you see me around campus, say "hi!".

Senator, Fatmah Worfeley

Senator, Fatmah Worfeley One thing I'm excited for this year is making new friends, making a club, and working towards my academic goals. I'm majoring in Biology & Spanish & minoring in Esychology. My goal for this year is to manage my school, work & social life. Also, to maintain 4.0. I love learning new languages, I speak Arabic & English fluently, and recently I started learning Somali & Spanish.

Senator, Mary-Kate Sloper

Senator, Mary-Kate Sloper This year as a student senator, I look forward to working both for and with my fellow students. I'm currently in the Gateway to College program, and after graduation I plan to pursue a medical degree. I'm particularly interested in helping students with an alternative educational path (like myself) find a voice.

Senator, Pino Bello

Senetor, Pino Bello >I'm a Computer Science Major, I'm a non-traditional student, I French Kiss German Shepherds, you get home, they jump all over you and sooner or later, they slip you the tongue! This year, I want to be the person my dog thinks I am!

Senator, Annee Ton

Senator, Annee Ton Hi! My name is Anh Ton, and nickname is Annee. I am studying Web Design and Development. I want to get a degree in Human Computer Design Engineering, so in my future career I can combine art and technology. I like listening to the radio, reading books, and watching TedTalks. My slogan is, "Start before you feel ready."

Senator, Amanda Chan

Senator, Amanda Chan Hi. My name is Amanda and I am currently working towards completing the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer and the first and second year requirements for my majors. I plan on double majoring in music performance on the alto saxophone (classical) and electrical engineering. After completing both my bachelor’s, I want to continue my studies and acquire a master’s degree in Acoustical Engineering. I am excited for this year's opportunity to work with my fellow peers at ASPCC in order to better fulfill the needs of the student body. Hopefully, after juggling both my job at ASPCC and my course work, my cats and rabbits won’t come to hate me for not showering them with attention.

Senator, Maria Le

Senator, Maria Le Hi everyone! My name is Maria and I’m one of your Student Senators this year. In my free time, I like spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy doing yoga and outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, etc. A fun fact about me is, I’m bilingual, and Vietnamese is my home language. This is my second year at PCC and I am currently working towards obtaining my AAOT degree. After PCC, I plan to transfer to PSU. Since there are so many different career paths I would like to explore, my major is currently undecided. I am leaning more towards a career in the medical field, but an accounting degree sounds good too. My goal this year is to become a better public speaker through representing students’ voice on committees and through working with Deans. I look forward to building long lasting connections that will help me reach my goals, and learning more about PCC in depth so I can truly represent my school.