Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

ASPCC Sylvania Communications Team

Our communications team is composed of members that are ready to jump and help you with all your creative, design, and advertising needs. Come on in and talk to any of our members to become more informed of the options available to PCC students, PCC staff, and outside clients. Please feel free to email us at aspcccomm7.sy@pcc.edu, to call us at 971-722-4925, or to stop in CC 101 to talk to one of us.

Team members:

Creative Director, Alyssa English

Creative Director I am a Graphic Design student here at PCC Sylvania and as Creative Director this year, I am excited to work with ASPCC and all the student resource centers on campus to promote the awesome events we throw. When I am not on campus you can find me hiking mountain trails, making art, reading books, thrifting & cooking. Also, I love puppies. ALL the puppies!

Graphic Designer, Anna Payne

Graphic Designer, Anna Payne Hello! My name is Anna. I'm looking forward to challenging my artistic abilities this year by helping others realize their creative vision through graphic design. One of my numerous goals is to incorporate illustration into my layouts. So here's a real shocker: I am also majoring in Graphic Design! Aside from my total integration in the design world, my other interests include: psychology, writing, interior design, fashion, running, and of course...cats.

Graphic Designer, Oanh Banh

Graphic Artis Oanh Banh Hi all. I’m Oanh Banh. (Pronounced One Ban or Wan Ban) I’ll be serving you all as a Graphic Artist for the 2014-2015 school year! You will see many posters around Sylvania campus that are created by myself and co-workers. I’m double-majoring in Graphic Design and Business. I was born and raised in Viet Nam and I absolutely love languages and different cultures. I have a list of facts about me, and here are two of them: I can eat Pho-Vietnamese noodle everyday and I don't drink plain cold water. I have many exciting hobbies and one of which is helping and connecting with people. So don’t be afraid to come check out ASPCC and use what you are paying for. Again, do not hesitate to come into CC 101 and talk to us. We are here to serve you in any way we can or point you in the right direction. I am excited to be serving you all this year!

Multimedia Specialist, Elaine Powers

Multimedia Specialist, Elaine PowersI am excited to be working with ASPCC for my last year at PCC. My only regret is that I did not get involved with Student Leadership sooner. I am majoring in Communications and hope to become a full time Public Speaking instructor at a Community College, like PCC. When I am not working or at school I like reading, currently anything Orwell, and pondering the vastness of the universe and the human condition within it.
Favorite Quote: "Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly" ~Baz Luhrmann

Communications Assistant, Jay Simon

Creative Assistant, Jay Simon I am a sophomore at PCC in CIS. I currently work part-time for ASPCC at Sylvania. Prior to PCC, I completed an Associate of Applied Science degree at ITT in Portland, ten years ago. Two years at PCC went by very fast. It seems like just a few weeks ago I was visiting here for the first time. I look forward to opportunities to share knowledge of PCC Sylvania with new and returning students.