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ASPCC stands for Associated Students of Portland Community College. We are students of PCC employed part time by the Student Activity Fee to be the voice for the student community. Being students ourselves, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and world views, we understand the hardships that students go through while trying to achieve their educational and life goals. We are here to help you during your journey.

ASPCC Sylvania operates on a General Student Council Forum, where student leaders all have a voice to share their diverse ideas and concerns, providing student services and advocacy. Feel free to visit us to take a look at the projects we are working on.


Fatmah Worfeley - Executive Director


Hi everyone, my name is Fatmah and I'm the ASPCC Executive Director or the Student Body President. I've been at PCC for about 2 years now, and this year I'm graduating. I will be majoring in Political Science, Communication and Spanish. I've decided to change my major because of my work with ASPCC. The reason why I joined ASPCC was to learn more about PCC. And now, I know so much, and I want to help make a change at PCC. I look forward to creating relationships with every student on this campus, partnering with the different centers, creating a more unified and inclusive space for students, and most importantly I look forward to seeing the students succeed and thrive at their absolute best.

Picture of Fatmah
Ja’qlyne Slaughter - Legislative Director


My name is Ja’qlyne Slaughter and my goal is to become a world class mediator/negotiator. I have always sought to facilitate win-win situations. In my position as Legislative Director, I appreciate the opportunity to develop and practice conflict resolution skills. I joined ASPCC because I wanted to have the opportunity to collaborate with all centers campus and district wide. I am looking forward to seeing all students emerge from this year, full of confidence, determination and hope that they can make a difference in this world.

Picture of Ja'qlyne
Bronte Brecht - Events and Programs Director


Hi everyone! My name is Bronte Brecht, and I am ASPCC's Events and Programs Director. I joined ASPCC in order to help give PCC students a voice and a sense of community in a large and sometimes overwhelming school. This year I am looking forward to planning lots of fun events and developing my leadership abilities. My educational goal is to transfer to a four-year college in Fall 2016 and to major in English Literature with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies once I do. Eventually I would love to become an English professor, professional editor, or correspondent on an NPR-type radio show like This American Life.

Picture of Bronte
Tara Prevo - Executive Assistant


My educational goals aren't just for myself, but for humanity. With a degree in aerospace engineering, I hope to help our species extend its reach in space, and someday I plan to return to school to become a math professor. I joined ASPCC because I needed a job--but then found that this position has enriched my life personally and professionally beyond what I thought possible. This year, I'm looking forward to the next steps in my education, in helping students, and in understanding social justice in a different light!

Picture of Tara
Will Bradley - Clubs Assistant


Hi my name is Will Bradley and I am the Clubs Assistant for ASPCC Sylvania. I’m an engineering transfer student working towards a degree in Material Science Engineering. I joined ASPCC so that I could give back to this college community because PCC had a large part in changing my life for the better. I want to share my experience with others and provide resources and avenues that lead to student success. I’m most looking forward to encouraging students to vote, getting them involved in legislative issues and building a sense that; together – we can really make a difference.

Picture of Will
Elaine Powers - Multimedia Specialist


Hello! I'm Elaine, I post things on our awesome facebook and Instagram page, so go like us at ASPCC Sylvania! When I'm not working for ASPCC I am working hard to finish my degree in community development. I love being able to work with such a diverse group and fighting for the better of the student body. I enjoy riding my bike, listening to music, going on adventure with my friends and trying new things. When I'm having a tough day I remind myself of some wise words from an old friend "Run what ya brung kid."

Picture of Dexter
Layne Painter - Graphic Designer


My name is Layne, and I am a Graphic Designer with ASPCC. As a Graphic Design student at PCC Sylvania I can mostly be found drawing or doing school work. With my limited free time I can be found biking, running, or with my nose in a book. I love spicy food, coffee, and have far too many houseplants. This year I am looking forward to napping and reading all the books Kate recommends.

Picture of Layne
Kate Stone - Graphic Designer


My name is Kate Z. Stone and I am ALSO a Graphic Designer with ASPCC. I am a second year graphic design student at Sylvania, and hope that you'll be seeing my designs around Portland after graduation in June. I live in Southwest Portland with my husband and our ridiculous dog Winston. I work part time as a bookseller at an indie bookstore, and enjoy designing the shop window displays and reading behind the counter. In addition to helping groups on campus with posters and flyers, I am happy to recommend great books to anyone who wants to read more!

Picture of Kate
Daniel Kim - Communications Assistant

I'm Daniel, it's my second year here at PCC, I don't have a major yet, but I do look forward to seeing what happens this year, for those that want to achieve. I like to get outside, sing, work with my hands, and see what's out there, that I am missing out on. You may see me just about everywhere, because I'm a very busy man, running here and there, one side to the other. Would you like to know more? Let's talk!

Picture of Daniel
Asako Takahashi - International Student Ambassador


Hi my name is Asako, an international student from Japan. I am thrilled to work for ASPCC and I am hoping to expand my perspective through various experiences with ASPCC! I like to hike, to cook, to draw, to watch movies and so on. I am planning on studying International Studies at Portland State after graduating from PCC. Looking forward to see you all this year!

Picture of Asako
Sara Barger - Student Organizer


Hello my Name is Sara, I’m a student organizer for ASPCC. This is my last school year here before I transfer to a university with an AAOT to major in Sociology. PCC has prepared me and encouraged me to future my education. The sky is the limit and I’m prepared to do the work. I know through education I will find my place in his world—my mission is to help others by empowering them with knowledge and kindness. I love students and student success is important to me. I believe accessing campus resources and getting involved on campus equals student success.

Picture of Sara
Deborah Gasatura Kamikazi - Student Organizer


Hello My name is Deborah Gasatura Kamikazi, I am a business major at PCC Sylvania, and I hope to start up my own businesses back at home. I joined ASPCC because I wanted to make a difference on campus as well as gain more knowledge of what is taking place on campus. I hope to see more of you coming to ASPCC to talk to us and interact with us!! ASPCC LOVES YOU!!!!

Picture of Deborah
Nhu Ngo - Student Organizer


Hello, my name Nhu Ngo. (You can also call me Alice) I will be a student organizer at ASPCC Sylvania. I am for the academic year 2015-2016. You guys will see me at CC 101, CC 102, or CC Lower Mall (close to cafeteria) when ASPCC runs events and programs. I was born and raised in Viet Nam and I would love to learn about different culture, make connections with people around the world. I am trying to get better knowledge and understanding to reach my goal: traveling around the world to help other people as a nurse. So, don’t be shy to come to see us to ask questions or just give us a chance to talk to you guys. I am super excited to be serving all of you this year!

Picture of Nhu
Amanda Jara De La Vega - Student Organizer


Hello!! My name is Amanda Jara. I’m currently pursuing my associates in Business Administration. I’ll be working this year 2015-2016 as a Student Organizer for ASPCC Sylvania. I’m looking forward to be working with students in order to serve their needs. My job is to assist and coordinate events for PCC Students along with different clubs and campus leadership groups. One of my several goals is to encourage students to participate in educational and cultural programs provided by PCC. I love traveling and I enjoy getting to know other cultures. My other interests include: psychology, writing, and reading. I’m looking forward to assist you this year and provide you the help you need during your experience in PCC Sylvania.


Picture of Amanda
Gabrielle Kornharens - Student Organizer


Hello! My name is Gabrielle. I am one of the student organizers in ASPCC. I joined ASPCC to ideally help strengthen our student and faculty community on campus. I am very passionate about social justice and activism, therefore ASPCC is a wonderful outlet for me. My current major is premed, however, as time goes on I am leaning towards other things. I look forward to helping your student voice be heard this year!

Picture of Gabrielle
Tatyanna Statum - Student Organizer


Hi students! I’m Tatyanna, but I like being called Taty (TAH-TEE). I am currently working on my prerequisite classes at PCC for a masters in Geology, and I hope to one day earn my doctorate in the subject as well! But outside of class, I am a student organizer with ASPCC! I decided to go for this position because I felt like it was an opportunity for me to be involved with students on campus. In a way, I view this position as giving back to the school that is going to take me to the next step in my career. One thing I look forward to this year, is getting to know the students of PCC! If you see me around campus feel free to say “Hi!” I look forward to getting to know you!

Picture of Tatiyanna