Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

ASPCC Sylvania Programs Team

Our programs team is composed of members that are ready to reach out to students to show them the opportunities they have to be involved on campus. They are responsible for organizing events, clubs, and other activities. Come on in and talk to any of our members to become more informed of the options available to students be more connected and involved.

Team members:

Programs Director, Del Biz

Programs Director, Del Biz Hey! As the Programs and Events Director, I plan on working closely with my team and the rest of ASPCC to create events that will promote student wellness, diversity, inclusiveness, and success. For as long as I can remember, Fashion has been a huge part of my life and I hope to one day pursue a career in the industry. I look forward to an exciting and fun school year with the entire student body!

Clubs Assistant, Asako Takahasi

Clubs Assistant, Asako Takahashi

Hi everybody! I am excited about this up coming year to work as a club assistant/programmer! I want to organize events to get more students involved and I hope to give opportunities to everyone for enriching their school life. I am currently majoring in International Business. Please feel free to participate in our events. I am looking forward to seeing you all!

Events and Programs Coordinator, Gary Gao

Events and Programs Coordinator, Gary Gao Hi, I am a business student and hope to accomplish my 2-year degree by the end of Fall 2015. The challenge of the year for me is trying not to wear sweat pants to school so much. Hey you all, I am so excited for all the events our team will be doing this year with all of you!

Events and Programs Coordinator, Scarlet Aker

Events and Programs Coordinato, Scarlet Aker Hi all!! This year I'm trying to complete my AAOT, but next year I will be majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish. I'm hoping to finish my program of Early College High School this year and get accepted to U of O (go ducks!!). I'm excited to be working with ASPCC and meeting new people, but I'm mostly excited to be experiencing new things, since this is a big year for me. One interesting thing about me is, though I'm fascinated by biology, I'm secretly a movie nerd, a competitive sports enthusiast,English lover at heart, and am enchanted by learning new things. Hope to meet you all :)

Events and Programs Coordinator, Val-Jeanne Jupiter

Events and Programs Coordinator, Val-Jeane Jupiter My name is Val-Jeanne’ Jupiter. I am currently studying to receive my ASOT in general business, so that I can transfer to PSU to continue working on my Bachelor’s degree in Fitness. I am very excited this year to be back with ASPCC working as an Events Coordinator for the Programs Department. Some fun facts about me are: I’ve worked as a professional Singer, Dancer and Actress in the entertainment industry for about 15 years. I am currently the president of PCC Voices of Soul Choir Club here at Sylvania Campus and my mother is an International Jazz singer. My personal goal for this year while working for ASPCC is to have our programs team develop more innovative, inclusive, diverse and dynamic program events for PCC.