Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

ASPCC Sylvania Finance Team

Our finance team is composed of members that are ready to help you with all your needs regarding vending, booking the Lower CC Mall, and any other questions you have regarding ASPCC. Come on in and talk to any of our members to become more informed of the options available to PCC students, PCC staff, and outside clients.

Vendors (Lower CC Mall)

Vendor Type Rate
Arts & Crafts $50

*Students or Faculty

Career Center Free


Free Speech Free

* Only students and faculty with current identification are allowed a discount. Family members do not qualify.

Mail / Payable to:
ASPCC Sylvania ATTN: Finance Director
12000 SW 49th Ave, #CC 101
Portland, OR 97219


Team Members:

Finance Director, Victor Onyeagu

Finance Directo Victor Onyeagusi My name is Victor Onyeagusi, I am majoring in accounting and this year I am excited and thankful to be part of the ASPCC finance team. I look forward to a great academic year that is fun and fulfilling. By my involvement with services that benefit the PCC community, I hope to be a valuable asset to the students I represent.

Finance Assistant, Gene Park

Finance Assistant Hi everyone, I will be your new finance assistant for this year! I am very excited to work for ASPCC and gain lots of good experience. My major is business administration, and my dream is to work in a global setting company. I like swimming and running for my leisure time. You might see me at the HT pool around evening time. If you need my help, please don't hesitate to ask!

Finance Assistant, ChieTanaka

Finance Assistant, Chie Tanaka Hey all! I'm Chie and I am so thrilled to be a part of your student government! I am going to school for Accounting, and in my spare time, I love to sing and dance. Come stop by and say hi!

General Assistant, Betsy Quitugua

Gernal Assistant, Betsy Quitugua My name is Betsy and I am super excited to be your general assistant at ASPCC. I'd like to major in environmental engineering. My favorite things to do is hike, swim, eat and sleep. I absolutely adore Siberian huskies! Come stop on by and say Hi!

General Assistant, Najma Haji-Mohamed

General Assistant, Najma Haji-Mohamed I am excited to be working my second year with ASPCC and serving the student body. I am majoring in Early Education and Family Studies. I enjoy yoga, sewing, dancing and hiking! Come by CC 101 and say "Hello!"