ASPCC Sylvania Student Leadership

CC101| Sylvania Campus | 971-722-4361 | Monday -Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm (fall, winter and spring terms) - hours subject to change

ASPCC Sylvania Administrative Team

Our administrative team is composed of members that are ready to attend you with all your needs regarding general questions about ASPCC and it's services. Come on in and talk to any of our members to become more informed of the options, we as ASPCC, make available to PCC students, PCC staff, and outside community members.

Team members:
Victoria LaFara

Executive Director
Victoria LaFara

I am a working poor class, first generation student, queer/polysexual, anarchist, feminist, vegan, environmentalist, anti-imperialist, anti-fascist, jack of all trades, perfectionist, survivor, organizer, mother, cat lover, and more. I'm in my 30s and after wearing many different career hats (construction worker, collective business owner, journalist, instructor, esthetician, retail stock worker, to name just a few) I'm starting college to study social work. I hope to one day build better programs for homeless and disadvantaged youth. My goals as Executive Director are to improve the visibility of student resources, increase educational event opportunities, increase inclusion of marginalized students, share my skills, and improve cohesion in and visibility of student resources.


Executive Assistant
Val-Jeanne Jupiter

My name is Val-Jeanne’ Jupiter and I am 50 years old. I was born and raised in Riverside, CA on March Air Force Base. I have lived in Oregon for 15 ½ years. This is my fifth term here at PCC. I successfully finished my fourth summer term. Not bad for not having been back to school in 18 years. I am currently studying to get my AAOT in General Business, so that I can transfer to PSU to go for my Bachelor’s in Fitness.

I got involved with ASPCC by answering an ad that was displayed on a bulletin board. Coming from having worked in the corporate world of business for many years, it was a great opportunity to become more involved with the community on a personal level and offer my knowledge and help to students that were in need of it and in the process learn more about ASPCC and all the services that they provide.

When I’m not attending school or working in ASPCC, I enjoy singing, dancing, acting, hiking, cooking, movies, teaching Aqua Aerobics and a variety of other activities.