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The mission of Associated Students of Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus is...

To improve the lives of students, staff, faculty and our general community. We aim to do this by establishing goals for ASPCC Sylvania in the areas of governance and programs by empowering and promoting student interest and involvement. Along with these goals, we also monitor budget requests and approve ASPCC Sylvania expenditures including the Student Activity Fee.

Help us help you!

Everyone is free to send suggestions, concerns and ideas for making student life better... if you have any, call us at 971-722-4361, check out our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/aspcc.sylvania, or drop it in our suggestion box at our office at CC101. We encourage students to visit the office to learn how they can be more engaged on their campus.

Thanks for stopping by our website, and be sure to check out all of our upcoming events and programs that we are working on.

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Keep up with all the events, surprises and opportunities that ASPCC Sylvania and our student life offer by following us on Twitter and Facebook. Also, check out our Tumblr page, which will be dedicated to showcasing and presenting the amazing artwork of our student body!

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