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ASPCC TEAM 2015 2016

The ASPCC 2015-2016 team

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Executive Board Members

Executive Board

Student Body President

Blake La Cross Dressel - blake.lacrossdressel@pcc.edu

MirandaI grew up in the Portland area and graduated from David Douglas High School in southeast Portland. I plan to transfer out of state to a university next year to work towards a bachelors in economics and a masters in business. My career path is shaped towards creating a company focused on supporting businesses in developing urban area. I began PCC in Summer of 2014 to get my foot in the door of bettering my financial stability.. I did not know what to expect from my new approach to education nor could I have expected where I would end up. This year I hope as a student leader and part of the Associated Students of Portland Community College team that I can focus efforts towards implementing students perspectives into the college in a organized and impactful way. When I am not on campus I enjoying riding my bicycle around town and exercising to keep my mind happy. I also seem to enjoy reading books that I can never truly understand.


“Health is not valued till sickness comes.”

Vice President/Director of Civic Engagement

Bo Koering - bo.koering@pcc.edu

BOI was born in California, but have lived most of my life in Portland. I received my GED when I was 18 years old at Portland Youth Builders. I will complete my AAOT in May of 2016. I then plan to transfer to university where I will study Social Science. I am undecided what I'll do for a career exactly, but I am taking classes in hopes that whatever I do go into will benefit from my education. I chose to attend PCC because it is closer to where I live. I aspire with ASPCC that we all learn from each other and the students of PCC, so that we can go out into the community and appreciate everyone's perspective. By working in ASPCC, I will provide information about resource, and enabling students to succeed at Portland Community College. I like to go out and walk around, or hang out with friends, or try new things.

Director of Student Programs

Thai "Ryan" Nguyen - thai.nguyen4@pcc.edu


Hello everyone, my name is Ryan. I'm an international student from Vietnam. I have lived in Portland, Oregon for 4 years. I speak English and Vietnamese. I'm currently studying Civil Engineering at PCC. I want to transfer to Portland State University after PCC to keep pursuing Civil Engineering for a Bachelor's Degree. I am passionate about Math, especially when building structures and designs. As a Director of Student Programs of this school year, I will show students that attending PCC is not only about gaining a degree, but also networking, exploring, and enjoying your college life. I would love to get you all involved in all of PCC activities. Come and talk nerdy to me sometime!

Director of Student Resources

Dominick Saechao - dominick.saechao@pcc.edu

DomMy name is Dom Saechao and I have lived in Portland, Oregon my whole life. I am a first generation college student and my ultimate goal is to graduate from Portland State University to become a Mechanical Engineer. On another note, my hobbies are watching and playing basketball, playing computer games (H1Z1 & CS:GO), and spending time with my girlfriend. If you happen to see me on campus, come say hi and we can talk about sports, games, or anything that comes to mind. The main reasons why I chose PCC is because it's affordable and not far away from home. PCC has given me so much and I just want to do anything I can to return the favor. As the Director of Student Resources, my goal is to provide resources to all the students that need them so that they can succeed.

"I don't want to live in the kind of the world where we don't look out for each other. Not just the people that are close to us, but anybody who needs a helping hand. I can't change the way anybody else thinks, or what they choose to do, but I can do my bit." - Charles De Lint.




Programming Board Members

International Club Coordinator

Naylamp Adanaque - naylamp.adanaqueroman@pcc.edu

NaylampHello everyone! My name is Naylamp and I am an international student from Peru. I started my college journey at PCC in the summer of 2014 where I am pursuing a degree in Business Management and International Business. I plan to transfer next fall to either UO or PSU to get my bachelor's degree. I chose to study business because my long term goal is to have my own company and start a foundation whose goal will be to help others. I chose PCC as a stepping stone in my education because it has great resources that help me feel that I belong in this school. As the International Club Coordinator my goal is to create inclusive events and activities that will lead to student involvement in campus. The goals I have created for myself is to be an advocate and ally for students to help them succeed by giving them the support they need to feel that they belong here and that they can do it. I also want to help provide a safe space for students. I love meeting new people and making new friends as well as learning new languages and cultures.

“No matter the size of your dreams, fight for them” Naylamp Adanaque.


Club Coordinator

Phuong Nguyen - phuong.nguyen77@pcc.edu


My name is Phuong Nguyen. I am passionate about utilizing my creativity to decorate and plan events. I am a Vietnamese immigrant who has recently settled down in the USA for 2 years. Being a first generation college student has made explore different avenues in the higher educational system through my own experience and not others. I want to be a marketer in the future, so I can use my imagination while perfecting my organizational skills. I also want to start a wedding planning business where I can help people celebrate the best day of their lives. I chose PCC because many of my friends went there and told me that PCC provides the best support for immigrants like me who wants to work towards their career path. My plan as a Club Coordinator at ASPCC is to develop a fun and helpful educational environment that helps students be involved with many of our wonderful activities on campus. After school and work, I love to cook and volunteer as a Vietnamese teacher.

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." - May Angelou


Social and Service Programs Coordinator

Nista Shrestha - nista.shrestha@pcc.edu


I am Nista Shrestha from Kathmandu, Nepal. I graduated from high school in Nepal and entered the United States as an international student on December 2014. I chose Portland Community College because my family recommended it and I am glad that I chose PCC as my stepping stone towards higher education. Though I am in a completely different country, I feel like I belong here because of the people around me. ASPCC is a great place to work, to make friends, to dedicate help, to advocate for students, to learn more about our college, staffs, students and the community, and to bring positive changes in ourselves and around us. Being a 'Social and Service Coordinator', my goal is to make every group of student on campus feel that they are part of the PCC, and create an environment where they can make friends and feel welcomed. i would be more than happy to help anyone in need of help on campus. Apart from school and work, I love to spend time with my family, and also I enjoy hanging out with my friends. My wish is to explore the whole world someday.


Fitness and Recreational Coordinator

Alex Anton - alex.anton@pcc.edu


I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I graduated from David Douglas High School. Currently, I am pursuing an Associate's Degree of General Studies from Portland Community College. When I earn my degree, I plan on transferring to Pacific University where I will major in physical therapy. Being a physical therapist appeals to me because I have dealt with my fair share of injury. My difficult experiences with rehab has motivated me to help prevent and treat injury so that others will not have to feel burdened with physical disabilities like I have. I chose to attend Portland Community College because I grew up here in Southeast Portland, but my reason for coming to PCC goes beyond convenience. I appreciate the friendly sense of community and I take pride In PCC's commitment to equity. When serving others I always try to make people feel comfortable and appreciated. Fortunately, the 2015-2016 ASPCC team does a terrific job at making people feel this way. It is my hope that the team and I will make PCC SE students feel at home. As the Fitness and Recreational Coordinator, I will provide students with plenty of opportunities to improve their health through exercise and fun activities. I enjoy being active, watching movies, and spending time with family.

"Whatever you are, be a good one." - Abraham Lincoln


Bike Coordinator

Tai Pham - tai.pham1@pcc.edu


My name is Tai Pham. I currently study at PCC, so I can transfer to Portland State University to pursue a Biology major. I chose this major because I wanted to work in the medical field. Doctors and physicians are constantly helping patients regularly. That passion and love is what drives me to work in the medical field. I chose PCC because it provides a basic education with experience to improve my language skills. It also has a lower tuition fee compared to other colleges and universities. It is an excellent choice for students who wish to study abroad. I will serve our students to help them feel welcomed at PCC because bridging a connection between the college and students is vital when promoting a safe and inclusive environment on campus. For self-care, I like to listen to music, read books and go hiking and biking. My hobbies are exploring the outdoors plus go biking and hiking.

"Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don't give up." - Rachel Corrie



Bike Coordinator

John Hescock - john.hescock@pcc.edu

johnMy name is John Hescock and I am from Portland, Oregon. The focus of my education is graphic design and web design with the goal to specialize in 3D Graphic design in conjunction with 3D printing. I chose a career path in graphic design because in my life I've learned that I either want to do something associated with art or to help others. I chose PCC because before I started college I attended the alternative school Portland Youth Builders and they work very close with PCC. I also chose PCC because of the Graphic Design program Sylvania Campus offers. My current goal is to advocate for sustainability and equity through inclusion via ethical methods. As a fellow student, my mission is to provide a genuine experience and understand the numerous perspectives of my peers and professors. In order to stay grounded, I design patterns and graphics as well as meditate and cook at home. When I have time I enjoy going outside for hikes, going out to see live music, and spend time with my friends and family.

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." -Bruce Lee

Auxiliary Board Members

Student Resource Advocate

Stephanie Russell - stephanie.russell1@pcc.edu

stephanieI was born in Idaho, but was brought to Oregon as an infant and I've been here ever since. I started at PCC a year ago, before that my educational background was nothing terribly exciting. I hope to go on to get a degree in Computer Engineerin. I chose to pursue a career in Computer Engineering because it seems like a good, solid, steady field to get into and something I can enjoy doing as well. What attracted me to PCC the most was that it offered student programs that I couldn't find anywhere else, and since then it has been a great guide for me to decide where I'm going next. I've created a vast collection of personal goals, first and foremost being to graduate PCC and transfer to a good 4 year college. But within ASPCC, my primary goal is to help students succeed in pursuing their dreams and education. My second goal after that is to find a way to impact the community around us for the better. For students I provide guidance to other resources. Aas a Student Resource Advocate it is my job to know what resources students need and where to get them. I like to spend time with my family and friends; the people I care about the most. I also enjoy taking time to relax by myself, maybe play some video games and just recharge for a little while. For my hobbies I enjoy things like music, whether I'm practicing it or just listening, or video games. I also enjoy traveling however I don't always have the resources or time to do so.

"If you want something, you have to earn it." - Anonymous


Student Resources Advocate

Inga Kemnitz - inga.kemnitz@pcc.edu

ingaI am originally from Central Oregon, but have lived all over the United States. I was a successful student in high school and I graduated in 2002 with honors in foreign language. I enrolled at PCC SE in the Winter of 2013, specifically for the Life Tracks program where I started learning about my capabilities, worth, goals, and college survival! Since then, I've maintained an exceptional GPA, developed and still developing a competitive edge, which opened doors prompting me to attempt numerous student leadership roles. I am now dual-enrolled at Portland State University and my goal is to transfer at the end of our 2015-16 year leaving behind a legacy that students with challenging backgrounds can benefit from. I am looking to get into medical social work because I'm very resourceful and empathetic to people's needs. I aspire to be here for students that may not know the resources available to them. I'm an avid supporter of students looking for new starts in society. Currently, I am in the process of completing a capstone project for the SE Career Exploration Center specifically targeting those in need of successful reintegration! I plan to advocate for all students in need and collaborate with my cohort to provide whatever the students need here at SE. I wish to provide alliance to those I personally identify as well as those I do not. I believe for any sort of equality and inclusion to occur in our society, instead of fighting for my personal rights, it's easier to fight for others. This year's ASPCC team is very supportive and don't want other students to struggle - so I've found that when I need self-care, sometimes a warm conversation is right around the corner with any of my team. I love to read and I am a movie junkie. I also love to celebrate my NFL team's awesomeness every weekend when I'm not bogged down with homework.

"Do what you do and say what you feel, for those that matter won't mind, and those that mind don't matter." - Dr. Seuss







Student Leadership Program Advisors

Student Leadership Coordinator

Joshua Peters-McBride - joshua.petersmcbride@pcc.edu

Assistant Student Leadership Coordinator

Nicole Seery - nicole.seery@pcc.edu