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Your Student Leaders at Southeast Campus

Come meet the team. Read bio's and see who's representing you at SEC this academic year 2013-2014

Executive Board Members

Sada Stavrum - Director of Communications
Student Body President

Sada Stavrum -

I am a duel-enrolled English major. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree I plan on teaching either English or writing while pursuing my masters degree. As the Director of Communications for ASPCC-SE I hope to create fun and effective forms of communication that inspires the students of SEC to get involved and to support each other on this wonderful path of education. One of my favorite teachers at SE is Bernice Duckrow, she's an amazing Math teacher who challenged me and supported me when I needed it most. I enjoy writing, reading and playing music. I study/practice in the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, a North Indian meditation tradition as well as Ayurveda, the Indian system of natural health. When I'm not doing homework or working for ASPCC I'm volunteering in my spiritual community. I was born in Mesa, Arizona. I moved to Portland 16 years ago. I speak English and am currently learning Spanish through PCC! ¡Muy bien!

Miranda Kuntz - Women's Resource Advocate
Director of Legislation

Miranda Kuntz -

I am working towards my AAOT degree. I would love to be in a career that helps others, I am not sure in what capacity yet. While working with the ASPCC this year I hope to continue my pursuit of making a difference in people's lives.  I also hope to create a safe place for students to come if they are in need and I want to help our team build a sense of community for all of our students on campus.  My favorite teacher at SE is Lauren Kuhn, from the psychology department.  She is amazing and understanding and has a real love for her students.  I was born and raised in the Portland/Gresham area.  I am a single mother with two beautiful children ages 9 and 2. I started at PCC about a year ago and it has been a wonderful change in my life. I think that being involved on campus has helped me build a sense of community and has allowed me to meet many like-minded people on the way to success.  As the Women's Resource Advocate I am able to help other people who have been in similar situations as myself and provide a stepping stone of resources that can help them too to be successfu

Naho Katagiri - Director of Student Programs
Director of Student Programs

Naho Katagiri -

My major is accounting. I would like to finish AAS Accounting Degree at PCC and obtain the OPT program. And then, I would like to broaden my skills in the financial field. As the Director of Student Programs I would like to create a productive and essential foundation for the Programming Board. My goal is to provide opportunities for students to learn from and be motivated through entertaining and informative events. I have a lot of favorite teachers at SE. I especially would like to say thank you to Catherine Thomas who was my writing teacher at ESOL. She encouraged me to apply for ASPCC, and it changed my life at PCC. She is very caring, thoughtful and a great writing teacher. One thing I value about PCC is the various opportunities and resources provided. By being the chair for Asian New year last year I learned that responsibility, organization skill, and time management are strongly necessary to achieve such a large event. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. I have been here for two years. I speak English and Japanese.

Tresor Kukena - Director of Administration
Director of Student Resources

Tresor Kukena -

I am a future civil engineer technician and Mechanical Engineer. I am currently pursuing an Applied Science Degree in both Civil and Mechanical Engineering at Portland Community College. I wish to combine my knowledge and experience in computer networking and semiconductors to support green initiatives.  This year, as the Director of Administration for ASPCC-SE one of my main goals is to support student development while creating a strong network with staff and faculty. PCC has given me the opportunity to continue what I love to do, be a voice for students. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As a teen I lived in Morocco and France before moving to the United States four years ago. When I’m not busy working on computers or math, I spend my time working out, hanging out with friends, watching football and volunteering in the community. I love languages. I speak French, English, Swahili, Lingala, and Moroccan Arabic, not to mention 7 African dialects. Currently, I am teaching myself Spanish. 

Director of Communications


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Programming Board Members

Lishao Chen - Program Coordinator
Sustainability Programs Coordinator

Lishao Chen -

I was born in a small town, Wen Cun Zhen, in China. This is my second year at PCC. I am really glad I'm part of ASPCC this year because it allows me to learn more new things and to learn how to be a student leader.  I hope I will get to know more students on the campus and create events that they like. Currently, I am working on my Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree, and hopefully I will figure out what I want to major in by the time I finish at PCC.

Lesly Eran - Program Coordinator
Service and Social Programs Coordinator

Lesly Eran -

I was born and raised in the wonderful country called Peru, so if you want to practice Spanish just let me know! I am currently getting my Associates degree, but I want to major in Psychology. I got involved in ASPCC because I enjoy working with students and also because I want to bring new ideas to this great team. PCC is a great place to start and make your dreams come true. This is a place with a great environment where faculty, teachers and students are part of a big family. I started my PCC life when I was part of the ESOL program and I have to tell you, it was a wonderful experience where I could grow up as a student and as a person, meeting new people from different parts of the world. I am so excited for this new year to meet you all and work with and for you.  Come meet me!

Naomi Barbos - International Advocate
International Advocate

Naomi Barbos -

Ultimately my goal is to become​​ a doctor. I hope that the events that I organize will inspire students to learn about the cultures and traditions that are on SEC. I would love to be an example for international students and ESOL students, that’s how I started at PCC too and I would love to help them get involved in ASPCC’s events, volunteering, and especially in applying for a job as a student leader. If I had to choose a favorite teacher I'd choose Eszter Vegh and Jennifer Hall, they always supported me and encouraged me so much. I really appreciate their kindness and their support. Here at southeast I feel like I am a part of a big family where everyone knows each other and where I learn so many things, the diversity being so big. I was born and I lived in Romania until two years ago when I moved here as an International Student. I speak Romanian, English and Spanish.


Auxiliary Board Members

Women's Resource Advocate


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Louis Ncuti - Recreational and Fitness Coordinator
Recreational and Fitness Coordinator

Louis Ncuti -

My major is Chemical Engineering and My career goal is to get a PhD in Chemical Engineering and work for Shell Oil Company or Intel Corporation.  For this year, I would like to encourage student to learn about wellness concepts that foster health and fitness.  PCC gives us the opportunity to pursue an excellent and substantial education, so we can build the foundation of our future. I'm from Burundi, Africa, and I was born in Bujumbura, Burundi.  I speak English, Kurundi, French, and Swahili


Thanh Hyun - Resource Office Staff
Resource Office Staff

Thanh Huynh -

My Major/Career goal is Computer Engineering and my biggest dream is to own my own photography business. While working for ASPCC I would like to get as many students as possible involved in events. My favorite instructor at SE is Catherine Elizabeth Thomas - ESOL. I love this campus because it is incredibly diverse and the students and staff are all very friendly. I am from Vietnam and my native language is Vietnamese. I am also currently learning English and Spanish.

Jami Collar - Resource Office Staff Assistant
Resource Office Staff

Jami Collar -

I am a first generation college student.  After a ten year break working in retail management, I came back to college . I am currently a sophomore at PCC. I will be dual enrolling at Portland State University where I will continue working towards my Bachelors of Social Work. My long term goal is to acquire a Masters, and become a sex therapist working with individuals who have suffered through Sex Trafficking or any other form of sexual trauma. My true passion in life is being a writer. I am involved with writing groups on and off campus that bring me great joy. With the support of family and friends, I am seriously considering a double major. I genuinely love my student life and all the new experiences that continue to come before me. I love being my weird, authentic self and thoroughly enjoy other people feeling comfortable in my presence to do the same!  Most days I often daydream about wearing a crazy costume, or at the very least, big colorful eyelashes!









Student Leadership Program Advisors

Joshua Peters-McBride - Student Leadership Coordinator
Joshua Peters-McBride
Student Leadership Coordinator
Nicole Seery - Assistant Student Leadership Coordinator
Nicole Seery
Assistant Student Leadership Coordinator