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Your Student Leaders at Southeast Campus

The ASPCC 2016-2017 team welcomes you to Southeast Campus!

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Jazmin Menjivar
Jazmin Menjivar

Student Body President/Presidente de Estudiantes
Languages: Ingles y Español

My name is Jazmin, and I identify as a Salvadorian, a woman of color, and I’m the first in my family to grow up in America, graduate from high school, and go to college. I’ve learned from social Justice training as an ASPCC leader that I no longer have shame in these identities. It is powerful. Coming from reading and writing 90, I am currently taking Anatomy and Physiology to enter to our Radiologic Technician program here at PCC. My dream is to be a family doctor and psychologist. I started attending PCC SE in 2009 because my alternative school (Mt. Scott Learning Centers) provided a CG class that helps prepare for college. After graduating high school, I worked two jobs to pay for college, up until I qualified for financial aid. Something that people don’t know about me when they met me is I struggle with language barriers where I’ve wanted to give up school many times. After being a student at SE I found succeeding by using the tutoring center and discovering myself in the disability office, this made a huge difference in my grades. My passion for SE started when I got involved in Phi Theta kappa, Interning at the Capitol, and Student government (ASPCC). Being involved has lead me to academic success and has given me the best college experience. Therefore, supporting students who are facing barriers in their academic goals is what drives me to be an advocate for student voice.

Phuong Phan

Student body VP/Director of Civic Engagement
Languages: Vietnamese, English

My name is Phuong Phan. I am from Vietnam. I came to United States with my family. I started studying at PCC in 2013 in ESOL program. I am now pursuing an accounting major. I like working at ASPCC because I want to have a good job where I can earn money, and learn working skills to improve myself. I want to be a student leader because I want to know more about a complex system as PCC. So that, I can learn more about oppression, white supremacy, and privilege, then I practice how to work and handle situations under these pressures, and practice critical thinking to social justice for myself and other people around me. As a student leader, I would like to stand for the weak, speak for the shy, and account for the difficulties.

Kien Truong

Director of Student Programs
Languages: Vietnamese, English

My name is Kien Truong. I emigrated to the United States of America in February, 2014. Transitioning from the Vietnamese culture to the American culture was challenge because I was not given resources to prepare myself for college. Pursuing a college degree was the first step for me to discover my identity. I identify as an immigrant, a low-income student and a person of color. I am also the first person in my family who has the privilege to attend college. With me, college is all about involving, learning and exploring. Currently, I am a Future Connect scholarship recipient, Vice President for Vietnamese Club, and Vice President of Service for Phi Theta Kappa. As a programmer, I commit using my experience, knowledge, skills, connections and ethics to host events which are not only entertaining but also inclusive, accessible, and educational. One of my goal is to continue using my leadership to promote social justice; and influence my peers, set an example for my siblings, and inspire generations to come. I am here to support you. If you have any feedback or suggestion for us, need support to to host an event or have any general questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Mercury Russell

Director of Student Resources
Languages: English

My name is Mercury Russell and I am the Director of Student Resources at ASPCC Southeast campus. I was born in Twin Falls, Idaho, but moved to Portland, Oregon when I was about a year old. (I like to consider myself an honorary native to Portland.) I am here at Portland Community College to work on my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, before transferring to a four-year university. I got into student leadership this year because I saw an opportunity to help students, and I believe it is important to make a difference. I look forward to a great year of making change, and hopefully making people smile along the way!

Nista Shrestha

International Club Coordinator
Languages: नेपाली, English

My name is Nista, and I am a student leader at Portland Community College – Southeast campus. I work for the Associated Students of Portland Community College as an International Club Coordinator, and for the Multicultural Center as a Lead Student Staff. I am also the President of Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Pi Rho chapter. Currently, I am working towards my Associate of Arts degree. I will be transferring to a four-year college by Fall 2017 and study International studies. I was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. I came to the USA for better education and better opportunity for my leadership development. Since the day, I stepped onto this country, I was determined to go beyond my comfort zone, and grab every opportunity to learn and share. This is my second year in student leadership. Within a year, I have learned an abundance of leadership skills by attending numerous leadership retreats and seminars, coordinating socially educational events for students, organizing the food pantry, blood drives, public speaking and many more. This year, I am working on creating more resources for international students on campus to succeed in their academics. As a student leader, I have learned to accept various kinds of challenges in my life, and to positively address those challenges. I am a people person, and my career goal is to become a Sociologist because I want to study data and work with people.

Sam Jasperson

Bike Programs Coordinator
Languages: English

I am a full-time student at PCC, where I also work as the Bike Coordinator for our Cycle Center. I like to read and learn, fix things, and talk to people. I am a member of the Beta Pi Rho chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and am also the coordinator of the CycleSEast bike club, here at the Southeast Campus of Portland Community College. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon by Mall 205. I spent about ten years living in Milwaukie during my older adolescence, where I attended and (eventually) graduated from Rex Putnam High School. I spent another five years in Medford starting a family, and am back in Portland for good. I do believe that I am “here” at the school to learn and grow in a personally satisfying and meaningful way, and to help others in their pursuit of the same. I love helping people. I feel that I can adequately respond to, and represent, the needs of the students at the school while I am here. I want to make a positive difference.

Hieu Tran

Club Advocate
Languages: English, Vietnamese

I am Hieu Tran. I moved to the US and lived in Portland since 2013. I started studying ESOL level 3 and then got my GED in about two years. I am currently taking prerequisite classes for my major, biohealth-prepharmacy at PCC and some online courses at OSU. I will transfer to OSU in Fall 2017. I am working at ASPCC SE campus as a Club Advocate, in which I help students with chartering and organizing clubs. I am also volunteering at two places, Providence Plaza Pharmacy and SE tutoring center in order to involve myself with the community. I want to be a student leader because I am an introvert and not really outgoing, so through this opportunity, I want to challenge myself to be more outgoing, dynamic, and active with the experience working at ASPCC.

Derek Day

Student Programs Coordinator
Languages: English, Mandarin

I am Derek Day, the Student Programs Coordinator at the Portland Community College southeast campus. Originally born in Mentakab, Malaysia, I have spent the majority of my life learning to play jazz music, perform in plays, and speak Mandarin in public schools all over southeast Portland. Now I am a 2nd year student at PCC and I am working to complete my associates of science by the end of the 2017 Spring term. Student Leadership was not in my sights when I first started taking classes at PCC, but as I attended school events and participated in a number of clubs, namely the Music Club, I found myself invested in the campus. Now I have my own club, the Chess Club, and I help throw a number of school events throughout the year. Becoming a Student Leader comes with its difficulties, but the opportunity to help my community can’t be passed. I am proud to be part of the Associated Students of Portland Community College and I look forward to a successful year with my fellow classmates.

Mahesh Bhattarai

Multimedia Communications Coordinator
Languages: English, नेपाली

My name is Mahesh Bhattarai. I was born in Bhutan, but I was raised in Nepal by my parents in a small village in Jhapa district in Mechi zone in the Eastern development region. Although I identify myself as a Bhutanese refugee, I was not able to dwell in the refugee camps because of the unfavorable circumstances. The government of Bhutan did not send the Bhutanese refugees back even though we lived in the camps for almost 20 years, so we were living a miserable life and we did not have a choice to have a good job or income. We were waiting for a better hope until IOM International Organization for Immigration gave us a chance to exit this misery by the means of a resettlement process which helped about 60,000 or more Bhutanese. Most of the Bhutanese refuges are in the United States of America, while the rest of them are in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I have been living in the United States with my family since 2011. When we first came here, each of us had a loan of $1100 from International Organization of Immigration (IOM). We faced many barriers such as communicating in English, applying for job, overcoming depression, etc. I was no different than the rest of the members of Bhutanese Community as I also had to go through the same phases. I miss my friends and relatives a lot, and my village where I was raised.

Dom Saechao

Club Adocate
Languages: English and Mien

My name is Dom Saechao and I have lived in Portland, Oregon my whole life. I am a first generation college student and my ultimate goal is to graduate from Portland State University to become a Mechanical Engineer. My hobbies are watching and playing basketball, playing computer games (H1Z1 & CS:GO), and spending time with my girlfriend. If you happen to see me on campus, come say hi and we can talk about sports, games, and anything that comes to mind. The main reasons why I chose PCC is because it’s affordable and not far away from home. PCC has given me so much and I just want to do anything I can to return the favor. I am a student leader because I want to give back to the community that I grew up in and inspire others to do the same.

“I don’t want to live in the kind of world where we don’t look out for each other. Not just the people that are close to us, but anybody who needs a helping hand. I can't change the way anybody else thinks, or what they choose to do, but I can do my bit.” - Charles De Lint

Andrei Agapi

Fitness & Recreations Coordinator
Languages: English, Română, Deutsch

Andrei Alexandru Agapi. I am an immigrant adolescent. Great combo, I highly recommend it— life is always changing, everything is exciting. I am from Iasi, Romania. I am here because I see myself growing more than at home. I am a student leader because I believe it exercises traits that are essential to living at my full potential.

Angela Fagan

Special Projects Assistant

Hello, I am Angela, a mother of a beautiful toddler and a full time student at Portland Community College studying accounting. I am originally from Oregon but have also lived in Arizona for an extended period of time. I am here to further my education in diversity, philosophy, economics, business and humanity. I enjoy being available to assist those I can.

Daven Matthews

Fitness Advocate
Languages: English

I am a person who leads and speaks for others and advocate for others who I am is a person who will stand up for others and speak the truth. I am someone who takes passion on helping others I am someone who will help you and lead you to success and guide you in the right direction when you need. Who I am is someone who tries to strive for success and to achieve the unbelievable. I am from Portland Oregon. The reason I’m here is to become a part of something big and advocate for students who don’t know how to advocate for them self’s. Why I’m here is to be a student leader I care for my fellow student’s and peer’s. The reason I’m here is to better myself and help others better themselves as well learn and grow with my fellow students that’s why I’m here. The reason I want to be leader is to help advocate for my fellow students and educate my fellow students knowledge my fellow students as well as grow with my peers. The reason I’m a leader is because my passion is helping others and my community as well as my fellow students that the reason I want to be a student leader.

Raven Couturier

Student Resource Advocate
Languages: English

Tammy Pham

Student Resource Advocate
Languages: English, Vietnamese

My name is Tammy Pham. I am a sophomore at PCC and I’m majoring in dental hygiene. I come from a family of nine and I am the youngest one in my family including my twin sister. I have two sets of twins in the Pham Family. I was born in Portland, Oregon and lived here all my life. On the other hand, my parents are from Vietnam, so I am known to be the first generation of my family to go to college. I am here to support and help students with the rightful support that they need to succeed in their educational career. Not only that, but I’d like to learn more about leadership and being part of a community. In the end, I want every student to feel welcomed to a community and also use the resources we provide. It’s more than being a student leader. We are the people that are student voices and also so much more. I want to be someone who provides all the useful resources we have here to able to make students feel motivated.

Tai Pham
Tai Pham

(He/ him/ his)
Student Resource Advocate
Languages: Vietnamese, English

I want to complete my electrical engineer, and pursue Master in Electrical engineer later. For me, leadership means to be able to help other people to achieve their educational goal, to guide people when they need, and to serve people with caring. There are a lot of thing happen in my life, and it changes what I really want to be in the future. Now, I want to be a specialist in electrical designer. My favorite quote is "If you work hard, and you do your best, you can do anything." My hobbies are hiking and taking photo.

Sai Sai
Sai Sai

(He, him, his)
Student Resource Advocate
Languages Burmese, Chinese (mandarin) and English

My name is Sai Sai. I go by gender pronoun of he, him, his. I am originally from Myanmar formally known as Burma. I am mixed Chinese, and I do speak three languages Burmese, Chinese (mandarin) and English. For my educational goals, I haven't decided yet. But right now I am doing transfer degree and trying get a bachelor degree in science. I like science and also interested in business (Entrepreneur). In the future, I want to be in medical field such as dentist or laboratory technologist or be a business man. My hobbies are taking photos of beautiful scenery and famous places. For me, Leadership is able to lead/guide people or follower and help them in their success.

Student Leadership Program Advisors

Joshua Peters-McBride

Director of Student Life and Leadership Programs
Pronouns: He | Him | His

Nicole Seery

Assistant Student Leadership Coordinator
Pronouns: She | Her | Hers

Naho Katagiri
Naho Katagiri

Southeast Student Leadership Administrative Assistant
Pronouns: She | Her | Hers