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Your Student Leaders at Southeast Campus

ASPCC TEAM 2015 2016

The ASPCC 2015-2016 team

Welcomes you to the Southeast Campus!


Executive Board Members

Executive Board

Student Body President

Blake La Cross Dressel- blake.lacrossdressel@pcc.edu


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Vice President/Director of Civic Engagement

Bo Koering - bo.koering@pcc.edu

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Director of Student Programs

Thai "Ryan" Nguyen - thai.nguyen4@pcc.edu


Hello everyone, my name is Ryan. I'm an international student from Vietnam. I have lived in Portland, Oregon for 4 years. I speak English and Vietnamese. I'm currently studying Civil Engineering at PCC. I want to transfer to Portland State University after PCC to keep pursuing Civil Engineering for a Bachelor's Degree. I am passionate about Math, especially when building structures and designs. As a Director of Student Programs of this school year, I will show students that attending PCC is not only about gaining a degree, but also networking, exploring, and enjoying your college life. I would love to get you all involved in all of PCC activities. Come and talk nerdy to me sometime!

Director of Student Resources

Dominick Saechao - dominick.saechao@pcc.edu

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Programming Board Members

International Club Coordinator

Naylamp Adanaque - naylamp.adanaqueroman@pcc.edu


Hello everyone! My name is Naylamp and I am an international student from Peru. I started my college journey at PCC in the summer of 2014 and I’m pursuing a degree in Business Management and International Business. I plan to transfer next fall to either UO or PSU to get my bachelors. I chose to study business because my long term goal is to have my own company and start a foundation whose goal will be to help others. I chose PCC as a stepping stone in my education because it has great resources that help me feel that I belong in this school. As the International Club Coordinator my goal is to create inclusive events and activities that will lead to student involvement in campus. The  goals I have created for myself is to be an advocate and ally for students and help them succeed by giving them the support they need to feel that they belong here and that they can do it. I also want to help provide a safe space for students. I love meeting new people and making new friends as well as learning new languages and cultures.     

“No matter the size of your dreams, fight for them” Naylamp Adanaque.





Social and Service Programs Coordinator

Nista Shrestha - nista.shrestha@pcc.edu

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Fitness and Recreational Coordinator

Alex Anton - alex.anton@pcc.edu


I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I graduated from David Douglass High School. Currently I am pursuing an associate's degree of general studies from Portland Community College. When I earn my degree, I plan on transferring to Pacific University where I will major in physical therapy. Being a physical therapist appeals to me because I have dealt with my fair share of inury and rehabilitation. My uncomfortable experiences with injury and rehab has motivated me to help prevent and treat injury so that others will not have to deal with difficult physical disabilities like I have. I chose to attend Portland Community College because I grew up here in

Southeast Portland, but my reason for coming to PCC goes beyond convenience. I appreciate the friendly sense of community and I take pride In PCC's commitment to equity. When serving others I always try to make people feel comfortable and appreciated. Fortunately, the 2015-2016 ASPCC team does a terrific job at making people feel this way. It is my hope that the team and I will make PCC SE students feel at home. As the Fitness and Recreational Coordinator, I will provide student with plenty of opportunities to improve their health through exercise and fun activities. I enjoy being active, watching movies, and spending time with family. My family hobbies are taking a trip to the movies and going for a run. "Whatever you are, be a good one." - Abraham Lincoln


Student Leadership Program Advisors

Student Leadership Coordinator

Joshua Peters-McBride - joshua.petersmcbride@pcc.edu

Assistant Student Leadership Coordinator

Nicole Seery - nicole.seery@pcc.edu