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Excutive Council

Come meet the team. Read bio's and see who's representing you at SE Campus this academic year 2014-2015

Executive Board Members

Student Body President

Miranda Kuntz- miranda.kuntz@pcc.edu


I was born and raised in Portland, OR.  I graduated from Centennial High School in 2001. It took me 12 years after graduating high school to continue my education, and it was the best decision I have made. I will be transferring to PSU in the fall to pursue my Bachelor’s in Social Work(BSW) and then my Masters in Social Work (MSW). I hope by obtaining this degree that I can make a positive impact in the lives around me. I see myself working for a non-profit or a community college, giving back to the community what it has given to me.  As Student Body President, I hope to create a safe, respectful, and inviting environment for anyone who walks through the doors of PCC. I will listen and advocate for the voice of the students, in any capacity that is necessary. I hope to impact PCC in a way that betters the lives of future students for years to come. As a single mom I don’t really know what "free time" is, but when I am not on campus, my favorite thing to do is listen to my children laugh. I spend every moment I can playing, laughing, and loving my two beautiful children. Together we also enjoy hiking, swimming, camping, reading, dancing, and singing silly songs. I would like to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the late Maya Angelou, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Director of Legislation

Lishao Chen - lishao.chen@pcc.edu


I came from a small town, Wen Cun Zhen, in China. This is my third year at PCC. Currently I am working on my AAOT, Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree. I have been enjoyed my experience at PCC. It's supported and allow me to have a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. I will transfer to Pacific University in Fall 2015 after PCC. My career plan is to become an academic advisor to help students. My goals are to create a visible and inclusive space that will be able to help and support students; meanwhile also allow them to feel welcome at Southeast Campus. Usually I like to listen to music on my free time, and sometimes I would hang out with friends. I would talk more to students to learn more about them, ask them to see what they would like to see on the campus. Being supported, and help them with any question they have, and work with them on how can we create a more support and welcome space for them. I can speak Cantonese and Mandarin (Chinese). I have lived in Oregon since fifth grade.

Director of Student Programs

Kenny Chen - chunhung.chen@pcc.edu


I come from Taiwan and been a Portlander for over 10 years. My major is CAS/OS: Administrative Office Professional. I would like to finish my Degree at PCC and find a meaningful career to help build our community. As the Director of Student Programming I would like to create a friendly, productive, and essential environment for the Programming Board. My goal is to become a bridge for students, our campus and our community through events we provide. I love shopping, sharing, troubleshooting and exploring new technology. We are here to serve our students, so please come say hi anytime when you see me or if you have any ideas or questions about what we can do. We are always here for you. Additionally, I would like to thank Ms. Catherine Thomas and all my instructors for encouraging me to apply this position at ASPCC. Please join us and make PCC SE Campus a better place for students achieve academic and personal goals

Director of Student Resources

Phuong Phan - phuong.phan5@pcc.edu


I come from Vietnam, a beautiful small country in Southeast Asia. Currently, I am taking courses for my Science Transfer degree at Portland Community College. I will be finishing the program this year and transferring to Portland State University next year to continue my Bachelor Degree in Chemistry. My life-long aspiration is to become a competent pharmacist. As a Director of Student Resources at ASPCC Southeast Campus, I would like to bring as much resources to students as possible, provide support for student development at Southeast campus and contribute to make the bridge between students and faculty stronger. I speak English and Vietnamese. When I have free time, I usually cook and invite my friends over to enjoy the food. I love cooking and I am a culinary-art supporter. My idol in cooking is Christine Ha, the first-ever blind Vietnamese-American contestant on “MasterChef” competitive cooking show in the U.S. She was the winner of the show in season 3. Her passion for cooking despite her blindness has inspired me to keep following my passion and going towards my future goals, especially when facing difficulties in my life.

Director of Communications

Tyler Sims - tyler.sims@pcc.edu


I was born in Oregon City and for most of my life I was raised in Portland. Currently at PCC I am studying AV which stands for Audio Visual. At my church I am the tech man and I have found that I would much rather work with a sound board for the rest of my life instead of looking through thousands of lines of code to find that one comma in the wrong spot. My long term goals for the most part are to finish PCC and next year head over to OSU and get a bachelors in AV. After that I really want to stay working with my church and on the side find some way to keep the bills paid and food in the house. As the Director of Communications my goal is to have the Potty Press out on a biweekly basis among other things. I think it goes without saying I connect with other students every time they look at a flier, Potty Press, Featured Teacher, or when they check out this web site or Facebook page. In my free time I love to read and watch movies most of them being Science fiction or fantasy, but whenever I’m not working, doing school stuff, or playing my games I am always playing with my Yo-yo.

Programming Board Members

Programing board
Sustainability Programs Coordinator

Hanna Osman - hanna.osman@pcc.edu


I’m originally from Mogadishu, Somalia. However, I’ve been living in the United States for 18 years. I’m currently taking some pre-reqs for my Bachelor of Science degree here at PCC. I’m an aspiring neurosurgeon and I plan to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences and Biology. Afterwards, I plan to enter an M.D/Ph.D dual program, either at OHSU or Baylor College of Medicine. I want to give back to my community, both in Portland and back home in Somalia. Also start a health program for disadvantaged groups that focuses on prevention, to help close the gap in health disparity. One of my goals at a Sustainability Coordinator is to bring awareness to sustainability from different levels (economical, health, social, cultural, racial and etc) to the campus. I hope that students and faculty at PCC Southeast can learn something new from my events. I’m family oriented individual, and with being a full time student and working part-time, I try my best to spend my free time with my loved ones.

Social and Service Programs Coordinator

Ryan Nguyen - thai.nguyen4@pcc.edu


Hi, my name is Ryan. I'm an international student from Vietnam. I'm friendly and always looking for meeting new friends from all the countries. I'm currently studying Mechanical Engineering at PCC. I want to transfer to University of California, Los Angeles after PCC to keep studying Mechanical Engineering for a Bachelor's Degree. My dream job is becoming an engineer who has many good friends, and enjoys doing the job. As a Social and Service Coordinator, I would like to create events and activities that really attract students to get involved and to make more friends. During this school year, I will show students that going to school doesn't mean attending in class and getting good grades only, but also joining activities and events in college. Therefore, they can enjoy their true college's life as much as they can. Creating a friendly environment that students can make more friends and enjoy their college life is what I'm aiming to. I speak English and Vietnamese. I have lived in Oregon for more than 2 years. That is not a really long time for me to have a perfect speaking skill, so excuse me if sometimes I speak Vietlish.

Veteran Coordinator

Anna White - anna.white2@pcc.edu


Coming Soon!

Fitness and Recreational Coordinator

Dominick Saechao - dominick.saechao@pcc.edu


I was born in Oakland, California, but I'm from Portland, Oregon. I've lived here practically my entire life. My major is Mechanical Engineering and I plan to stay at PCC for 3 years. Even though my major will be Mechanical Engineer, I wouldn't consider that to be my dream job, I don't think I even have a dream job. My first goal as the Fitness and Recreational Coordinator is to spread the awareness of a healthy lifestyle. If you think about it, what's the point of doing everything you do, if you can't live a long healthy and happy life? You have to take care of yourself, physically, mentally, and even spiritually. What I like to do on my free time is to play, watch, or even read about basketball. It's my passion, it's the one thing that I like to do the most next to spending time with my girlfriend, who's my other passion. Currently, I'm in the FutureConnect program and this is my second year. One of my new tasks this year, I'm taking on a mentorship role for the program. I just want to give a shout-out to my Mentos: Jimmy, Chris, Holden, Mohamed, and Phong,The Coaches: Mike Pichay and Tobias Sherwood, and The Boss: Joshua Laurie.

Queer Resource Coordinator

Eugene Shelton - eugeneshelton42@gmail.com


I'm from Portland, Oregon. I'm hoping to have a happy life full of good decisions. I want to be a writer, or be in any way working with television because I'm interested in media and how it impacts people. I want to be a voice for the queer students here at PCC and I want to be there to help people. I want to be a sympathetic ear for anyone who just needs to vent and I want to help the students here like PCC helped me. Hanging out with friends, reading, and also painting. Also petting animals. I plan to connect with students by being on their level, and really trying to be helpful in a genuine manner. I want us all to go to the zoo someday.

Bike Coordinator

Erich Wandtke - erich.wandtke15@pcc.edu


I am from Portland Oregon. Born and raised. I am studying CADD, computer aided design and drafting. I am interested in working for a company using my drafting skills. I also took the courses at PCC to further my own design ideas and create real world drawings I can use to simulate inventions that I am working on. I plan to create a safe and secure environment on campus for student, faculty and guests' bicycles. Working with local, state and federal programs to deter theft of bicycles and other personal property. School is my full time job right now, but I do enjoy golfing, motorcycle riding, hiking on Mt. Hood. going to the beach and playing fetch with any available dogs when I'm at the park. I am going to be on campus 12 hours a day, working both through ASPCC and a part time job at the student help center. I am going to make it goal to learn the names of every student on campus that I come into contact with. Not necessarily in alphabetic order I have spoke English from birth. I learned a bit of Deutsche in Hoche Schule, und enough EsPanol to order at almost any surrounding restaurant. I also am pretty sure I understand many of the Slavic languages.

Auxiliary Board Members

Hub Staff
Student Resource Advocate

Lacy Wooldridge - lacy.wooldridge@pcc.edu


I am from all over. My nomadic upbringing has given me the opportunity to live in over 20 states. I am finishing my A.A.O.T. (Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer) degree. I plan on transferring to a local social work program next fall. My dream job would be working with risk youth. I am hoping to attend Portland State University next year. My goal for my current position are to provide students with as many resources as possible in order to make them feel at home in our PCC community and increase their chances of staying and graduating. In my free time I like to run, bike, hike, and basically enjoy the outdoors. On a rainy or cold day I like to curl up with a great book. I plan to connect with students be smiling and saying hello. I can’t wait to get to know as many students as possible here at Southeast Campus this year.

Student Resource Advocate

Tobais Rubeljanssen - toby.rubeljanssen@pcc.edu


I grew up in Durango Colorado and have lived in Portland for the last 4 years. For the last year I've been in the Gateway to College program working on getting my high school diploma through PCC. Upon my high school graduation I will be leaving PCC to begin pursuing a Bachelors degree. After college I will be going abroad to teach for two years before going on to graduate school. Currently I’d like to pursue a career in a think tank or consulting firm. I feel supremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to help students in such an intimate way through my work in the Student Resource Hub. Over the year it is my goal to make sure that the hub continues to provide referrals to community resources, furthers student-administration interaction, and provides students with healthier snacks to better our communities collective health. When I'm not in school or in the hub I spend much of my time writing, volunteering, and exploring our beautiful city. Over the year I greatly look forward to providing resources for the diverse community at PCC SE. Being on campus, I hope to become a friendly face by providing professional, yet personable service.

Student Leadership Program Advisors

Student Leadership Coordinator

Joshua Peters-McBride - joshua.petersmcbride@pcc.edu

Assistant Student Leadership Coordinator

Nicole Seery - nicole.seery@pcc.edu