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Welcome 2016-2017 Students!

To Post an Announcement

If you would like to post an announcement on the Potty Press, fill out the request form.

Announcements can also be posted by contacting our ASPCC Multimedia Coordinator directly via email at aspcc.se@pcc.edu or phone at (971) 722-6262.

For information about posting to the potty press please email aspcc.se@pcc.edu

The deadlines for the Potty Press are every 2 weeks on Monday by 9am.

Deadlines are subject to change.

Potty Press

The Potty Press updates you on all the events, activities, and news of Southeast Campus. The publication is posted in all the restroom stalls for your reading pleasure. You may print the Potty Press online or pick up a copy at the ASPCC-Southeast office, MTH 152.

Please, do NOT remove the ones posted in the restroom stalls.

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