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Want to hang something?

At SE Campus there are specific boards for hanging posters for the community. This page is dedicated to hosting those flyers on the web as well as providing guidelines for the posters. If you have a digital flyer you can post it here! Send all of your requests to the Director of Student Resources:

Poster/Visix request form

  • The posters have to be relevant to the community. Please do not submit job offering posters unless they are verifiable by the student body and staff. There are many posters offering jobs that are scams and it's hard to decipher them.
  • If you post the posters on your own they will be taken down. For a poster to remain on the board it must have this stamp:
  • For posters to be posted online they must be specifically relevant to PCC, ie: Events, hiring within PCC, services offered, ect.

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