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How To Start a Club at Southeast

Are you interested in starting your own club? The process is quick and easy!

Step One: Find fellow students with mutual interests.
Step Two: Read Club charter guidelines and fill out the charter packet.
Step Three: Find a faculty or staff advisor and have them sign the advisor agreement form.
Step Four: Attend an ASPCC General Council meeting to propose your Club’s title and purpose.
Step Five: Turn in your charter packet, sign up for Club Training 101 and become an official Club!

Club Charter Packet and Informative Brochures

Club Charter Packet

How To Get Involved Brochure

How To Be An Advisor Brochure

Questions or Concerns: Email Nicole Seery, the Assistant Student Leadership Coordinator.

Current Clubs at Southeast


Club Coordinator: Miyuki Saito

Club Advisor: Trina Hing

Purpose: The Purpose of the ESOL Club is to gather together with students in the ESOL program and also with English speaking students to work together in using the English language.



Club Coordinator: Euegene Shelton

Club Advisor: Jane Larson

Purpose: The purpose of the Q-spot is to create an environment where GLBTQIA (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual) individuals of Portland Community College's Southeast campus and their allies can meet in order to learn about issues that pertain to the community. As well as have a safe and supportive environment in which to voice questions and concerns they may be having. The Q-spot would also provide information on resources found through PCC and in the greater Portland area for GLBTQIA populace. The Q-Spot mission is to create a safe, supportive, fun and educational environment for Portland Community College's Southeast Campus's GLBTQIA persons and their allies.



Club Coordinator: Everett Triolo

Club Coordinator: Jami Collar

Club Advisor: Blake Hausman

Purpose: To facilitate a supportive community for student writers and Southeast. We produce Center Street (an annual literary Journal), hold public readings, and meet regularly for workshops, exercises, and performances practice.



Club Coordinator: Sandra Bailey

Club Advisor: Nicole Seery

Purpose: The Paranormal club is to learn about ghosts and other related unknown. There will be investigations, guest speakers and more. On the days we do not have a meeting we will be watching horror movies and discussing them afterwards. People can come learn about different ways to ghost hunt and learn the types of equipment used to go on investigations. This club is open to ALL students and staff.



Club Coordinator: Tyler Sims

Club Coordinator: Kaynan Fields

Club Advisor: William Myers

Purpose: Our purpose is to give students an opportunity to meet other students that have similar interests and give them a space to come together and play games and teach those who want to learn. These games will include board, card, dice, miniature, role-playing, computer, console, handheld, online, flash, card games, etc.



Club Coordinator:

Club Advisor: Nicole Seery

Purpose: Our purpose is to serve students who are interested in, related to, or whom were, or are Veterans of the Uniformed Services of the United States of America. We strive to promote a safe, healthy, and supportive environment for those participating and hope to make a positive impact in the lives of those who choose to be involved.



Club Coordinator: Sue Bowers

Club Advisor: Neal Naigus

What: This organization shall provide an opportunity for older adults to share in the exploration of topics of mutual interest, to contribute their experience and their expertise, and to expand their circle of friends



Club Coordinator: Chun Hung Chen

Club Coordinator: Phuong Phan

Club Advisor: Chau Hoang Fossen



Club Coordinator: Chun Hung Chen

Club Coordinator: Ryan Nguyen

Club Advisor: Rut Martinez-Alicea



Club Coordinator: Mailie Landreth

Club Coordinator:

Club Advisor: Nicole Serry



Club Coordinator: David Tran

Club Coordinator: Haitrieu Nguyen

Club Advisor: Rebecca Vogt