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We have a great team this year and we're here to serve...YOU!

ASPCC stands for Associated Students of Portland Community College. We are a dedicated group of students and faculty hired to represent you, the students. Stop by MTH 154 and tell us what's important to you and ask us all of those burning college questions, we'll point you in the right direction.

What do we do?

  • ASPCC represents the voice of the students at SE Campus by holding public General Council Meetings weekly and serving on various committees. We act as the voice and the students' presence when it is needed.
  • ASPCC bridges the gap between students and administrators by sitting on committees, taskforces, councils and local organizations in order to advocate and represent the student body. Some examples of committees that we sit on are: Budget Planning Advisory Committee (BPAC), Educational Advisory Council (EAC), and many others. If you're interested in learning about the committees your ASPCC Student Representatives are sitting on, stop by MTH 152.
  • ASPCC informs students about changes in college policy. Ex: paperless registration and deletion for non-payment.
  • ASPCC supports cultural diversity, free speech, fairness and equality for all. We are a diverse campus at SE and it is ASPCC's duty to help to unite the students, staff, and faculty as a community.
  • ASPCC empowers and promotes students' interests and involvement through different clubs, programs and activities. Check out our Facebook page and Current Events page to keep updated on all the events and activities. It is our duty and pleasure to plan, organize, and coordinate on-campus and off-campus socials, recreational activities, and educational events. Most ASPCC events are free to students. Ex: Bicycle Fair, Movie Night, and Pizza with President.
  • We serve as the bridge between the students, faculty, and staff in order to build a stronger feeling of community, support and understanding.
  • We act as a guide to campus life. We help students get oriented to the campus and services located around them.
  • ASPCC advocates on behalf of students at the State Capital for tuition equity, grants and other issues impacting students.
  • ASPCC seeks out student issues and makes recommendations to administrators for improvement.

To learn more about us, come visit the ASPCC Southeast Student Resource Hub in Mt. Tabor Hall Room 154, located at the West End of the Great Hall.

What Is our Mission?

Our mission as student leaders is to advocate on behalf of the student body in order to enhance the educational experience at PCC. We are a dedicated group of students and staff devoted to bringing awareness and action in: community service, access to resources, creating and promoting cultural awareness, environmental sustainability, and breaking barriers to support all students. Our vision is to create a bond between students, faculty, staff, administration and the outlining community by working together to create a positive learning environment and a safe and flourishing diverse community.

This is a hate free campus. We recognize the inherent goodness of all people, regardless of race, creed, color, disability, personal opinion, sexual orientation, or any of the countless other features that characterize us. We honor the humanity that joins us and we celebrate the differences that distinguish us.

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