The Clubhouse



RC Bldg. 3, Rm. 128 | | 971-722-7064 | Monday - Friday (check at the Club House or the Student Center Front Desk for open hours)

- Fall Term Club Fair: October 9, 10, 11; 10 am - 2 pm, Building 3, Mall

- Save the date for the......District Club Fair, October 26. Time & Location, TBA

Welcome to the Clubhouse at Rock Creek!

Seven Reasons to be in a RC Club:

  1. Get connected with other students, staff, and faculty who share your interests
  2. Get leadership experience by serving as a club officer, which will boost your resume
  3. Get active and be heard by becoming a Club Representative at ASPCC meetings and be eligible to receive up to a $150 tuition waiver (tuition waiver will be based on the number of meetings attended).
  4. Get involved and contribute to your campus, district, and community by participating in Club Service Projects
  5. Get empowered by joining forces with your fellow club members to develop and implement club goals, activities, and programs
  6. Get up to $200 for your club start-up funds.
  7. Get free access to campus facilities, audio visual equipment, marketing supplies, and more!
It's Time to get Involved!

Check out clubs this year that are all seeking new members. Find the club that matches you and contact the club's student coordinator, advisor, or the Clubhouse to get signed up.

Clubs at Rock Creek:
- CRU - Campus Crusade for Christ Club / contact:
- Early College High School (ECHS) Mentoring Club / contact:
- Flight Crew Club / contact:
- PCC Fighting Game Club /
- Food Recovery@ Rock Creek / contact:
- Henna Club / contact:

- International Club / contact:
- Japanese Anime Club / contact:
- Judo Club / contact:
- Learning Garden Club / contact:

- League of Legends Club / contact:
- Parenting Club / contact:
- Theatre Club / contact:
- Tennis Club/ contact:
- Vet Tech Club / contact:

Interested in starting your own club? The process is quick and easy. Print out the Club Starter Packet, determine your club's purpose; spread the word and find eight or more club members to sign up; recruit a PCC faculty or staff member to serve as your club's advisor; and bring the completed forms to the Clubhouse.

Already in a club, but not sure what resources are available to you? Find out with Club Assistance.
Stop in and see us at the Clubhouse!
Want to know how clubs at PCC Rock Creek came about?