Meet the QRC Staff!

Student Advocates

Samantha Gushard

My name is Samantha Gushard. I’m engaged with two boys. I joined the QRC to help inform and educated students, staff, or anyone who may have any questions regarding the LGBTQ community. Love is love, and it is hurting nobody. I plan on learning to communicate with the difficult questions people tend to avoid. I want to make a difference in my community and show my boys how to be accepting, empathetic and loving individuals.

Kevin Pfau

Kevin Pfau - I have been involved in the QRC for two years now, and making the choice to get involved in the center was the best decision I have ever made. Having a place where you can be yourself gives you the ability to come out of your shell and develop every aspect of yourself. The Queer Resource Center has not only helped me break down my walls, but has given me the skills that will need to be successful in life.

Adam Vang

Adam Vang - Became a student in Winter 2013. Started working as an Advocate in fall of 2013. I have a background in property management & compliance, medical billing, youth counseling, youth program quality assessment (YPQA),community organizing, undoing racism, and social justice. I wanted to be an advocate because I love being able to help people and strive for equality. Being an advocate for the Queer Resource Center has been a great experience adding to my leadership skills while staying connected to my community.


Carol Claassen

Ever since Carol Claassen burst out of the closet in a flurry of rainbow beads and patches when she was seventeen years old, she's been loudly and unapologetically advocating for queer equality. She rallied against Proposition 8 in Fresno, California in 2009 and marched on D.C. later that year. She has volunteered with Basic Rights Oregon and has been a member of the Portland Lesbian Choir since Fall 2009; however, much of her activism occurs in subtler ways, daily. She joined the QRC at the start of 2014 and is enjoying learning more about queer identity and politics and supporting queer community and straight allies. When she isn't in the QRC, you can find her on campus tutoring in the reading and writing centers, teaching, or entertaining folks in the Student Learning Center. She looks forward to meeting you!

Nora Lindsey

Nora Lindsey first became aware of queer and identity politics at the age of 13 through her involvement in the national Unitarian Universalist youth movement, and remains dedicated to the cause of collective liberation for all people and life forms on this great earth. Nora works at Rock Creek half time in the QRC, where she is honored to serve and support PCC's queer and allied students, staff, and faculty, and half time in the Sustainability Department. If she's not in the QRC, you can likely find her in Rock Creek's Learning Garden, tending to the vegetables, communing with the bees, and making flower bouquets.