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2016-2017 ASPCC Student Leadership Team



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Mission: This organization, the Associated Students of Portland Community College (ASPCC) is dedicated to enriching the lives of Rock Creek Students while striving to maintain a productive relationship with staff, faculty, our district and community. ASPCC represents and serves all students of the Rock Creek Campus and will therefore design activities, events, policies and programs directed toward meeting this goal. Our mission is to improve and promote student interest.

Mandatory Events & Trainings: Monday Student Congress Meetings

ASPCC members are required to attend the Student Congress Meetings that are held every Monday from 3:30pm to 5pm. (Student Congress Meetings are not held the first and last week of the term.)

ASPCC Monthly Meeting: Every first Monday of each month, ASPCC will hold an ASPCC Exclusive Meeting from 5pm to 6pm after the Student Congress Meeting.

ASPCC Shared Leadership Blanket Statements: Blanket Statements are responsibilities that apply to all ASPCC official members. They consist of the following:

  • Must abide by PCC Policies and the PCC Student Code of Conduct.
  • Maintain a good standing with the college.
  • Must advocate for student rights and for the best of student interest.
  • Must maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 and a number of 6 credit hours at the Rock Creek Campus during the academic year.
  • Every ASPCC member is required to attend at least one committee with the exception of club representatives.
  • Help other student leaders with projects and events as available.
  • Each department is responsible for any content they post on their corresponding social media.
  • Each department and individual member is responsible to label, maintain, and organize his or her belongings within the storage room.
  • All official voting members must serve as an active voting member of the Student Congress.
  • All ASPCC Members must prepare and monitor their department’s budget.
  • Must assist in hiring personnel to fulfill ASPCC positions in accordance to the Hiring Committee guidelines.
  • Develop and monitor annual budgets for ASPCC expenditures.2016CampusAffairsTeam.docx
  • Must contribute information to the ASPCC newsletter, or its equivalent, as available.
  • Abide by ASPCC yearly guidelines.