Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Julio Montelongo

Clubhouse Coordinator & DCC Ambassador


As a one and half year student at PCC I have strived to obtain an academic standard of both my school and myself. Working towards a major in Linguistics. I plan to transfer to the East Coast, preferably New York University, in order to be in the big hub of international diversity that would allow me to travel globally and aiding those whom deem it necessary. I find that languages being the bridge between individuals is a necessary tool to posses and I would like to us my knowledge of them to better help bring the gap between individuals. This line of thinking is what pushes me here at ASPCC to better connect the student body and the academic staff/ faculty in order to have a better sustainability in relationships and mutual respect for one another.

Gun Cho

Clubhouse & International Club Coordinator


I started my journey in a small town named Kun San in South Korea. I was raised by my grandparents until I turned ten years old and at that time I moved to China with my brother and my mother. I lived in China for six year and then moved to the Philippines. At the age of sixteen I graduated from Christian School. The traveling that I did when I was younger exposed me to many cultures and people that it inspired me to come to the United States to pursue my education. My journey has currently brought me to Portland Community College in hopes of getting a bachelor degree in political science at UCLA. My journey will one day, after getting my master’s degree, take me to be a humanitarian officer for the United Nation. Outside of my studies I like to be active, socialize and discover my new surrounding here in the United States. One of my favorite activities that I would like to have the opportunity to do is scuba . I am a certified rescue scuba diver and miss being able to scuba dive in the Philippines. I am always in the search of new experiences and adventures that allow me to help me grow and meet new people that I can share my culture and learn theirs.

Ben Nzowo

Clubhouse Coordinator


I was born on January 2nd, 1995 at Kinshasa, the main city of Democratic Republic of Congo, in Africa. I am the 5th in the family of 7 with 4 sisters and 2 brothers. I was raised in a Chrstian Catholic household. I enjoy listening to music, playing sports and working out. My favorite colors are blue, black and white. I consider myself a friendly , sociable, determined, funny, sincere, stylish and a Socratic. I plan on majoring in Geology and receiving a minor in Business. I am still undecided as to where I would like to transfer to after PCC.