Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Angel Camacho - OLI Club

Brianda Alcazar - Phi Theta Kappa

Caleb Knezevich - Students For Life Club

Corey Dang - Yu-Gi-Oh Club

Erik Jarlstom - PCC MC's Club

Eric Thomas - +STEAM Club

Francine Talla - African Cultural Exploration Club

Haley Vlietstra - Hip Hop Club

Jocelyn Gonzalez - Billiards Club Jordie Gredvig - Vet Tech Club

Kevin Pfau - Queer-Straight Alliance

Kevin Short - Flight Crew

Lauren Manning - Veterans Club

Lori Hickle and Linda McDonald - Potters Guild Club

Mackenzie Chapman - Theater Club

Marlene Ascencio - Futbol Club

Marie Bello - Zoo Science Club

Mikki Brown - Japanese Pop Culture Club (JPCC)

Richell Chiu-Yap - Landscape Club

Robert Ellertson - The BA Welding Club

Serge Wiyolika - Eben-Ezer Christian Club

Tanya Malhotra - The Kitty Hawks

Tiffany Bragg - Knits and Crafts Club

Thi Nguyen - Green Team

Tuong Hoang - International Club

Ted Cheng - Volunteering Club

Thank you for your leadership. In this section you can find all the information you need to facilitate a great club! If you are just getting started please begin by reading through and filling out the

"Club Starter Packet."

For information about maintaining your club, turning in your club's update form, or the responsibilities of being a club coordinator please stop by the Club House Building 3, Room 128 (inside the student lounge), or contact us by email clubs.rc@pcc.edu, or phone 971-722-7064.