Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Club Coordinators 2016-2017

For club coordinators contact info – email clubs.rc@pcc.edu

Club Coordinators
American Red Cross Club Sabrina Barkadle & Cat Hoang
BA Welding Club Gavin Wynne & Hans Perez
Bare Metals Club Jason W McBeth & Troy Woodson
Basketball Club Hassan Megenow & Said Agha Zakhel
Business Club Josue Dambej &Hilaria De Jesus Hernandez
Campus Crusade for Christ Stephanie Kramer & Saki Ishii
Club Representative for Food Recovery Club Mackenzie Coe
Comic Creators Club Kimberly Rinehart & Donna Rinehart
ECHS Social Committee Cody Grater & Kylie Drews
Food Recovery Club Shannon Southard & Rylie Wolff
Henna Design Club Faduma Saleh & Jahan Asad
International Ameena Rodgers & Paul Lee
Korean Culture Appreciation Terri Whang & Juyeon Lee
KPop Dance Cover Club Sabrina Barkadle & Cat Hoang
Landscape Technology Club Craig Pruitt & Luis Sanchez
Learning Garden Club Shannon Southard & Rylie Wolff
Minority Male Leadership Institute Christian Calzada & Ivan Hernandez
Mission Aviation Bound Students Bethanie Wiles & Joshua Deppe
Multicultural Club Farrah Ibrahim &Tasneem Almaktary
Muslim Club Sabrina Barkadle & Wafa Almaktari
PCC Flight Crew Christian Moreland & Devin Gossage
PCC Panthers Rugby Club Steven M Senato & Ben Nzowo
PCC Vet Tech Club Rep Colleen Wedin
PTK Moon Detering & Josue Dambej
Put a Price on it Coral Avery & Michael Roberts
Queer Straight Alliance Max Santiago & Lauren Vaillancourt
RC Biology Club Samantha Fancher & Jake Baughman
RC ESOL Club Marjan Safairad & Phuong Ngo
RC Science Technology Engineering Art Math Club Desiree Forcier & Zack Potts
Rock Creek Bee Keeping Club Rylie Wolff & Shannon Southard
Rock Creek Break Dance Club Cody J Kim & Sajjad Sayyid
Rock Creek Potters Guild Carol Schallberger & Linda McDonald
Springville Tutoring Club Moon Detering & Josue Dombej
Sticky Feet Rock Climbing Club Sam Barrus & Sean Parker
Students for Change Janet Garcia & Marbeli Medel Diaz
Students with Disabilities Union Alexis Taylor & Susanna Edwards
The Parenting Club Rosey Berkshire & Susan Kassim
Theater Club Evan Batson & Caitlyn Reagan
Vet Tech Hana Thomas & Ryan Fox
Veterans Club Alice Phrakonkham & Esteban Acosta
Volleyball Club Rebecca & Josh
Zoo Science Amber Valdez & Angela Oh

Thank you for your leadership. In this section you can find all the information you need to facilitate a great club! If you are just getting started please begin by reading through and filling out the Club Starter Packet.

For information about maintaining your club, turning in your club's update form, or the responsibilities of being a club coordinator please stop by the Club House Building 5, Room 119), or contact us by email clubs.rc@pcc.edu, or phone 971-722-7064.