Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon



Marcellin Kibonge - Phi Theta Kappa

Hannah Hargens- Vet Tech Club

Daniel Simpson - Queer-Straight Alliance

Justin Coats- Flight Crew ( justin.coats@pcc.edu )

Robert Mallory - Veterans Club

Carol Schallberger - Potters Guild Club

Kenji Hayashi- Japanese Anime Club ( kenji.hayashi@pcc.edu )

Aurora Fulgencio M. - Learning Garden Club ( aurora.fulgencio@pcc.edu )

Michael Falvey - The Welding Club

Stephanie Kramer - CRU : CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST ( stephanie.kramer2@pcc.edu )

Jacob Wolbaum - PCC Mens Lacrosse Club ( jacob.wolbaum@pcc.edu )

Stephanie Saunders - Food Recovery at PCC Rock Creek ( stephanie.saunders1@pcc.edu )

Lomayani Meekisho - International Club ( lomayani.meekisho@pcc.edu )

Joo Sung Ahn - Tennis Club at Rock Creek

Bryce Canete - PCC Fighting Game Club ( bryce.canete@pcc.edu )

Kylie Drews - ECHS Social Committee ( Kylie.drews@pcc.edu )

Jhoana Monroy - The Parenting Club

Zakariya Rodgers - Muslims of Rock Creek ( zak.rodgers@pcc.edu )

Chris Cuda - Rock Creek Qigong & Tai Chi Club

Tyler Anderson - My Little Pony Club ( tyler.anderson10@pcc.edu )

Joshua Dambej- Cultural Club ( josue.dambej@pcc.edu )

Cody Grater - Judo Club ( cody.grater@pcc.edu )

Kimberly Schaff- Comic Creator Club aka C3 ( kimberly.schaff@pcc.edu )

Jhoana Monroy- Henna Club ( jhoana.monroy@pcc.edu )

Cameron Guillory- League of Legends Club ( cam.guillory@pcc.edu )

Erik Jarlstrom- PCC Music Club ( erik.jarlstram@pcc.edu )

Joe Adams- MABSAMT ( Joe.adams@pcc.edu )

Thank you for your leadership. In this section you can find all the information you need to facilitate a great club! If you are just getting started please begin by reading through and filling out the

"Club Starter Packet."

For information about maintaining your club, turning in your club's update form, or the responsibilities of being a club coordinator please stop by the Club House Building 5, Room 119 (inside the student lounge), or contact us by email clubs.rc@pcc.edu, or phone 971-722-7064.