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Sustainability: Do you Ozzi? A NEW kind of vending machine is on campus in the Rock Creek cafeteria. Here's how it works: Buy a token from the food service cashier. Get your reusable container along with your food. After you've finished eating, put the dirty container in the OZZI machine slot; get your token back. Repeat the next day or whenever you utilize food service. Why should you use the "reusable containers"? Using the "reusuable containers" reduces the amount of paper waste that goes to the landfill thus helping to reduce the amount of methane gases going into the atmosphere.

Recycle dead batteries at the Student Center in Building 3 (AA, AAA, hearing aid, any "small batteries") Look for the white, square bucket.

Sustainability Team: + Recycle your compact fluorescent light bulbs (the curly ones only) at: Home Depot or
Lowe's will recycle both the compact fluorescent and long tube light bulbs.

Have an event you want published in the Potty Press?

If you would like to post an announcement on the Potty Press, email our Media Specialist Irene Ramirez-Aguilar, irene.ramirezaguilar@pcc.edu

In your request, please include the following information:

  • The title of the event.
  • The date and time, including start time and duration.
  • The location of the event including the campus, building, and room number.
  • What is the event about including any special activities or speakers.
  • Please proof read before submission.

Publishing Dates and Info Submission Deadline for the Rock Creek Potty Press, 2015 - 2016 academic year:

Info Submission Deadline Publishing Date
Fall Term  
September 30th October 2nd
October 14th October 16th
October 28th October 30th
November 11th November 13th
November 25th November 30th
Winter Term  
January 6th January 8th
January 20th January 22nd
February 3rd February 5th
February 17th February 19th
March 2nd March 4th
Spring Term  
March 30th April 1st
April 13th April 15th
April 27th April 29th
May 11th May 13th
May 25th May 27th