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The Associated Students of Portland Community College at Rock Creek is dedicated to enriching the lives of Rock Creek Students while striving to maintain a productive relationship with staff, faculty, our district and community. ASPCC represents and serves all students of the Rock Creek Campus and will therefore design activities, events, policies, and programs directed toward meeting this goal.

Student Congress Meetings

Rock Creek ASPCC, Clubs, and Resource Centes representatives meet weekly Fall, Winter, and Spring Term to discuss events and student needs/concerns. Please join the group to express your student voice. Meetings are held Mondays from 3:30-5pm in building 5 room 122. Meetings are not held on the first and last Monday of each term.

Rock Creek's 40th Birthday

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In honor of PCC Rock Creek's 40th Birthday, I pledge to complete 40 hours of community service this year. Our goal is to get 100 PCC RC employees to pledge!

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2016-17 ASPCC Team

Campus Affairs

  • Ivan Hernandez – Student Body President
  • Erick Portillo – Student Body Vice-President
  • Terri Whang – Media Specialist

Legislative Team

  • Ben Nzowo – Director of Legislative Affairs
  • Joosung Ahn – Political Coordinator

Club House

  • Alexis Taylor – Club Coordinator
  • Josue Dambey – International Club Coordinator
  • Moon Detering – Club Coordinator

Program Board

  • Cat Hoang – Director of Programming
  • Sabrina Barkadle – Events Coordinator
  • Nicole Jeong – Evening Coordinator

Sustainability Team

  • Rylie Wolff – Director of Sustainability
  • Shannon Southard¬†– Sustainability Coordinator


  • Ameena Rodgers – Recreation Co-Coordinator
  • Aditya Kothari – Recreation Co-Coordinator